WhatsApp Tightens Restrictions On Frequently Forwarded Messages


Famous instant messaging app WhatsApp is soon going to introduce a new restriction on message forwarding. In order to tackle the spread of fake news, now the users can send a frequently forwarded message to one user at a time only.

The frequently forwarded messages are the ones that come with a double arrow icon. The Facebook-owned company said, in recent times, a high increase has been witnessed in the number of forwarded messages promoting the spread of fake news at a rapid pace.

As per a report by The Guardian, WhatsApp has said that they cannot completely remove the spread of misinformation, but by slowing down the mechanism of forwarding messages, the company can at least stop the mass level spread of fake news.

Most of the fake messages being forwarded nowadays are spreading fake information related to the Coronavirus pandemic. Recently, phone towers were set ablaze in the UK over an absurd 5G-Coronavirus conspiracy theory that was spread through social media platforms.

Most of the places like schools, restaurants, offices are all closed and people are supposed to work from home. Amidst the lockdown, the spread of any sort of misinformation can take a dangerous turn and cause a lot of chaos.

The messenger previously reduced the number of forwards from 20 to 5 when both Whatsapp and Facebook were accused of playing a major role in 2018 lynchings in India.

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