Microsoft Adds Android 12.1 To Windows 11 For Insiders

Microsoft Adds Android 12.1
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With Windows 11, Microsoft added Android sub-system support, meaning you can now run your favorite Android apps natively on Windows 11 system.

At the time of its introduction, the Android sub-system feature was quite buggy. Until recently, Microsoft fixed many bugs, and with the recent build of Windows 11 for Dev and Beta channels, the company has added Android 12.1 support, also known as Android L.

The Android L (12.1) was developed specifically for tablets, and that also makes sense for windows users, as we more commonly use Windows 11 on our PC and laptops with a bigger screen. So, users can easily take advantage of Android L features.

Windows 11 Improvements:

Though, this is not the only improvement that Microsoft brings with the update, version 2204.40000.15.0 of windows 11.

For Starters, WSA (Windows Subsystem For Android) now introduced a newly redesigned setting app with grouped navigation capabilities, making it easier to find options that you are looking for. Plus, you also have a new diagnostic data viewer that will give you a better idea about the data that has been collected.

Another useful feature for Android app users is the support of an advanced networking feature that will let you connect to other devices, like smart cameras or a speaker.

There are also some improvements on app permissions and notification that now works natively. You can keep track of your notifications as well as what Android apps are using your camera, microphone or location, just like how we can track these on Android devices.

If you go through the changelog for this update, you will find some interesting additions, such as support for video hardware decoding with VP8 and VP9.

Microsoft has also fixed many camera-related bugs. Such as camera preview and camera feed distortion have been fixed. Along with the camera orientation bug, that should now follow the right orientation of the device.

Known Bugs:

This new build also includes minor bugs such as camera instability on ARM devices; some apps may render a low-quality resolution, In advance mode, some VPNs might not work, etc.

Here is the full changelog of the update, so please go through this before installing the update.

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