Google Separated Emoji From Android Update And You Should Be Happy

Google Separated Emoji From Android Update
Image: Google

Google has separated emoji from Android updates. It was first reported in Nov 2020 that Google is working on decoupling emojis from system updates. And finally, the search engine giant has done it.

This means Google can now update new emojis packs as soon as they are released. Android users will not have to wait for OEMs to push the system update. The move will add newer emojis on millions of Android smartphones that are not being actively updated.

Google’s Android Emoji Update

Until now, when someone was receiving a newer emoji, it used to appear as blank boxes. You also might be in a situation where your friends sent you new emoji, and they started appearing as blank boxes. Let’s understand why it was happening earlier.

Unicode, the consortium behind emoji, is consistently working on new emojis. Every year new emojis are made and added to the existing catalog. These newly added emojis are sent through System updates on Android and iOS smartphones.

Your smartphone should be updated to the latest version to support new emojis. So, if an emoji appears as a blank box. It is because your smartphone is not updated. But now, things will change, at least for Android smartphone users.

Within this month, all the apps that use Appcompat will automatically get the latest emojis. You will start seeing new emojis across different Google products such as Gmail, Chrome, OS, etc. What do you think about Google separating the Emojis updates from Android updates? Let us know in the comments.

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