Elden Ring Speedrun Record Is Now Under Seven Minutes

elden ring speedrun

Since the game’s release, Elden Ring speedrun has been getting faster day by day. Finally, a speedrunner beats the game in under seven minutes. These speed runs are only possible thanks to some special exploits and loopholes in the game.

The record was broken by a speedrunner/YouTuber who goes by the username Distortion2. A few days ago, he held the previous world record of eight minutes and 56 seconds. Distortion2’s current record for the Elden Ring speed run is six minutes and 59 seconds.

Elden Ring Speedrun

Elden Ring speedrunners are using a zip strategy (an exploit that lets players skip bosses and various sections of the map). This exploit is done by guarding a specific period and moving the character forward slightly.

Doing the exploit successfully launches the player across the map and skips most of the encounters and boss fights in the game. Due to its challenging boss fights, Elden Ring usually takes about 40-50 hours to complete. So it’s really impressive to see a sub-nine-minute speedrun of Elden Ring.

In the video, we can see Distortion2 skipping most of the game’s bosses. He only engages Maliketh once and dies by Hoarah Loux (one of the final bosses) to finish the game even faster. Another speedrun shows a player completing the game without getting hit even once. This record stands close to two hours and one minute.

There’s also an Elden Ring glitchless speedrun that takes about 58 minutes. This speedrun is even more impressive to watch as it is done by playing the game normally. As someone who has played Elden Ring myself and knows how challenging it can be, watching these speedruns can be pretty interesting.

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