Popular Ad-free Torrent Site “SkyTorrents” Shuts Down — Here Are Its Alternatives

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Last year in May, I told you about SkyTorrents. This newer player posed itself as an ad-free torrent website. This promise turned out to be a recipe for success, and the website went on to become one of the most visited torrent websites on the web. While it might seem like a success story, things aren’t always the way they seem to be.

As per a TorrentFreak report, the problems of SkyTorrent owners began when they started getting millions of pageviews per day. This pushed their traffic bill to about $1,500 per month.

The owners decided to cover the costs with the help of donations, but that didn’t help much. As per the report, even the website users started encouraging them to start serving ads. This made sense as ads are necessary when you don’t have a subscription or other payment model.

Contrary to what others would have done, the SkyTorrent owners decided to shut things down after their funds dried up. So, the torrent enthusiasts now need to look for SkyTorrents alternatives.

But, does that mean all the data on the website’s lost? No, that’s not the case here. They’ve shared the entire database of about 15.1 million torrent files (~476GB). Anybody can download it or use it to host the entire cache.

SkyTorrents alternatives?

There are tons of torrent websites available. We’ve also prepared a list of the top 10 torrent websites on the web. Please note that they aren’t ad-free, so don’t expect a perfect browsing experience.

In case you’re also looking for some legal torrent websites that don’t host any content that infringes the copyright of the content owners, feel free to visit these legal SkyTorrent alternatives.

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