Garuda Linux “Black Eagle” Released With A New Dr460nized edition

Garuda Linux "Black Eagle" Released With A New Dr460nized edition

After the release of v201007 “Golden Eagle” last month, the Garuda team has now announced a new major version 201119 codenamed “Black Eagle” of its Arch-based Garuda Linux.

What’s New In Garuda Linux 201119?

Unsurprisingly, this Garuda v201119 also introduces a new edition called dr460nized. It is a clean, lightweight, and modified KDE version with a lot of blurs, macOS like app menu at the top, Latte as dock and fish shell.

So, in total, Garuda Linux now offers 15 editions: KDE Plasma, GNOME, Xfce, LXQT-Kwin, Wayfire, i3WM, Deepin, MATE, Cinnamon, Recbox, UKUI, BSPWM, dr460nized, Barebone KDE, and GNOME.

Among other editions, the latest Garuda has revamped the packages and configs of Xfce, updated the extensions and Flagfox of GNOME, and removed redundant theme choices from KDE edition.

Garuda Linux Xfce edition
Garuda Linux Xfce edition

Along with new changes in editions, Garuda Linux now has a new graphical interface to install all kinds of applications after the initial installation.

This means your Lite edition has become lighter than before and you’ll no longer have “bloated installation” as some apps have been moved to the unified setup assistant. There, you can easily choose the apps you want to install on your new system.

Additionally, even if you don’t want to install other apps, make sure you run the setup assistant as it enables required user services like PSD (Profile-sync-daemon).

Garuda Linux Black Eagle (201119) — Garuda Assistant app
Garuda Linux Black Eagle (201119) — Garuda Assistant app

And especially for gamers, Garuda Linux now includes a new app called “Garuda Gamer.” It is a GUI app that helps in installing and enabling all kinds of gaming components, such as Steam or WINE, required on Linux with a single click.

Like the old releases, the Welcome app has once again received useful improvements such as shortcuts of only important elements, improved GDM Wayland toggle, and updated HiDPI mode.

Garuda Linux Black Eagle (201119) — Welcome App
Garuda Linux Black Eagle (201119) — Welcome App

Furthermore, all settings and system maintenance related things, that can be found in the new Garuda Assistant app, now offers more options than before like local adblocking via hblock.

Here are the other key changes that Garuda Linux 201119 includes:

  • Fixed auto-cpufreq service
  • Added micro config
  • Terminus set as TTY font
  • ASCII art Neofetch logo
  • Updated Latte layout in KDE edition
  • Disabled firewall by default
  • Firefox addons by default
  • Added networkmanager for GNOME barebones

Since Garuda Linux is a rolling release distribution, you can upgrade your system to a new version 201119 by just running a single command:

sudo pacman -Syu

If you are new to Garuda or want to install it from scratch, grab the ISO images or torrent file of any edition you want from here.

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