Upcoming Google Feature Will Stop You From Texting While Walking

Digital Wellbeing Heads Up feature

Google’s idea behind Digital Wellbeing built into Android has always been to make people decrease their phone usage through subtle hints and reminders. This includes phone usage statistics, app timers, turning screen black and white at a defined time, etc.

Now, it appears Google is planning to add another feature called “Heads Up.” As the name suggests, the feature, once enabled, will give a “heads up” to users if they are walking while looking at the screen. The new feature has appeared in the APK teardown of the Digital Wellbeing beta v1.0.342229637.

According to XDA, who have managed to enable the feature, users will need to give “Physical Activity” permission and the device’s location, which is optional. Once enabled, Digital Wellbeing will begin to send reminders whenever it catches us using the phone while walking.

Digital Wellbeing Heads Up
Source: XDA

9to5Google reports that Digital Wellbeing has stored a list of seven messages that will come with “Heads Up” notifications. And each one is paired with a unique emoji. The different messages include phrases such as Be careful, Look ahead, Stay focused, Look up, Stay alert, Watch out, and Watch your step.

Of course, this will be a simple reminder that can be swiped away. However, it will still be enough to distract users and force them to check their surroundings quickly.

Since the Digital Wellbeing Heads Up feature has appeared in an APK teardown, there is no telling if “Heads Up” will actually arrive in the app. For instance, the Mindful Wallpaper feature of Digital Wellbeing that we talked about back in September is yet to see the daylight. If “Heads Up” does come into play, it will surely be welcomed by Android users.

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