A World Without Linux – No Facebook, No Movies (Episode 3 & 4)

mundo sin linux world without linux
mundo sin linux world without linux

mundo_sin_linux_world_without_linuxShort Bytes: The third and fourth episode of the web series ‘A World Without Linux’ show a reimagined version of movie Avatar and tells how hard it is to connect in a world without Linux. Watch these amusing videos below and realize the importance of Linux.

Linux is the largest collaborative project in computing history that powers world’s technology infrastructure. It’s the backbone of your internet, supercomputers, routers, single board computers, servers, IoT devices and more.

To make the world aware about the importance of Linux, the Linux Foundation has unveiled a web series called ‘A World Without Linux’. In the first two episodes, it was shown that a world without Linux will mean a directionless world without the internet. Today, we are sharing with you the third and 4th videos of this series that tell that a world without Linux will mean a world without any social connection and movies with poor visual effects.

Just like your computers, Internet-based companies like Facebook, Twitter, and others services are powered by this creation of Linus Torvalds. These services connect us to others and make our world a more livable place. In the past, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has credited open source philosophy for helping the social network.

Well, I won’t be spoiling these amusing videos for you and leave the rest for your viewing pleasure.

Watch the videos here:


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