Firefox Test Pilot

Firefox Test Pilot is Mozilla’s way to test out interesting new features. Some of these features see the light of the day, and others just vanish into thin air. However, that doesn’t stop the Firefox Pilot team from experimenting with browser.

Today, Firefox announced two new such experiments — namely Price Wise and Email Tabs. Both are ridiculously useful for a user who would like to crack tedious work in mere seconds.

Price Wise is essentially a price tracking tool which helps you find the best deal available on the Internet. You simply add the products to the Price Watcher list and get desktop notification automatically every time the price drops.

Clearly, it’s not anything new since many Web extensions specialize in the same. However, it still makes it worth considering, given the feautre is coming right off the bat from Firefox itself. Also, Firefox told TechCrunch that the entire working of Price Wise is powered by machine-learning.

Presently, the feature is only available for U.S. citizens and supports e-retailers like Best Buy, eBay, Amazon, Walmart and The Home Depot. More retailer support will soon arrive.

If Price Wise didn’t stimulate you into installing Test pilot on your Mozilla Firefox, Email Tabs surely will. This experiment allows you to send and save links in less than two steps, saving your time from composing a new email. And yeah! A lot of us still use e-mail to send links.

You have the option to send only the link, link with the screenshot and link with the entire article. All of it will be converted into an e-mail format, once you click the Email Tab icon. Currently, the tool only supports Gmail, and there is no information about expanding it to more email services.

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