Facebook Is The Newest TikTok Star. Yes, You Read That Right.

It’s official! Facebook now has a TikTok account, and there’s no stopping it. The social media giant is attracting followers quickly after joining just a few days ago.

On Monday, social media expert Matt Navarra first revealed Facebook’s official TikTok account via a tweet. He also attached a screenshot that showed the blue tick, confirming it as a verified profile.

Moreover, the image revealed that the account hadn’t uploaded any content and yet had thousands of followers regardless. At the time of writing, Facebook still has no TikTok uploads but is growing strong with over 18K followers already.

Earlier, there were doubts about this TikTok account’s credibility due to a few solid reasons. Firstly, there’s an obvious punctuation error in the bio, which is rare for a top tech firm to commit. Secondly, the profile page link leads you to Facebook’s Play Store page instead of its website. Given that the Facebook app is available on multiple platforms, a Play Store-only link seems unnatural.

However, a TechCrunch report put all those qualms to bed. The publication reached out to Facebook’s parent Meta, who confirmed that the TikTok account was legit.

A Meta spokesperson said: “Brands leverage a variety of channels, including some of our social media platforms, to reach out and engage with people using their products and services every day.” Further, he remarked, “Our intent with establishing a brand presence and cultivating community on platforms like TikTok and others is no different.”

Facebook’s arrival on TikTok comes when its Twitter page is no longer active. It’ll be interesting to see how Zuckerberg’s company makes the most of its rising number of TikTok fans.

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