“Apharan” Season 2 Release Date & Time: Where To Watch It Online?

Apharan season 2 release date and tim
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It has been four long years since the release of Apharan. The show was an instant success and was loved by fans from all around the nation. However, there hasn’t been much development about the release of the show’s next season since then. That finally changed a few days ago as it was announced that Apharan season 2 would be released soon.

Wondering about the exact date? If there is no delay, the show will be released online on March 18, 2022. It is a well-known fact that the show’s target audience is Indian OTT fans. Keeping that in mind, you can expect it to be released online at 12:00 AM Indian Standard Time (IST).

As of now, there is no confirmation on how many episodes the new season of the show will feature. Some sources say it features 9, while others suggest it will have 11 episodes. Considering the fact that OTT releases like to take their time with story building, both of these options stand well.

Coming back to the primary topic of the article, wondering about where to watch Apharan season 2 online? Well, you are not alone; there are many pondering about the same. On that note, let’s shed some light on where to watch the series online in the next section of our article.

Where to watch ‘Apharan’ season 2 online?

Apharan season 2 release date and tim
Image credit: Voot Select

The foremost season of the show streamed exclusively on MX Player and ALT Balaji. However, the creators have decided to change their streaming partner for the new season. This time around, the primary streaming partner is Voot Select. Additionally, you can also watch it on ALT Balaji.

Until the release of the series, try watching Bhaukaal. The two series have similar vibes, and we are sure you will like it if you like Apharan.

‘Apharan’ season 2 plot: What to expect from it?


The celebrated cop Rudra Shrivastav will be returning to duty this season. However, his focus will be divided as things at home aren’t good either. His wife will fall into the deep hole of drug addiction as Rudra tries to get her out.

Can the cop manage everything while chasing the villains? You will find out soon. Until then, feel free to share your views about it in the comments section below.

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