Kuo Says Apple Watch Series 8 Could Have Body Temperature Measurement

Apple Watch Series 8 Body Temperature Measure
Image by Ratnesh Kumar/Fossbytes

Apple Watch Series 8 could get a body temperature measurement feature. Credible Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks the upcoming Apple Watch could get the feature. Kuo believes it will happen if the algorithm meets the high requirements set by Apple before Series 8 goes into mass production.

It was rumored that Series 7 will get the Body temperature measurement. But last year Apple canceled body-temperature management at the last stage of testing. It happened because the algorithm used for temperature management failed to qualify the Apple standards before entering the EVT stage.

Apple Watch Series 8 Body Temperature Sensor

The major challenge in adding a precise body temperature sensor is the skin temperature of the human body. It varies every few minutes depending on the environment. Smartwatches can’t support the core temperature measurement we typically use.

It is a hardware limitation to fit the core system in a tiny footprint. Tech companies need to develop an advanced algorithm for it and that’s the challenge right now. Apple has had a full year after since Series 7. The company could have improved the algorithm. Hopefully, Series 8 will get the much-anticipated body temperature measurement.

Apple is not the only company facing algorithm failure. Samsung is also going through the same challenge. The South Korean giant is also working to implement a body temperature measurement feature in its upcoming Galaxy Watch 5. But due to algorithm failure, the Watch 5 might miss out on the body temperature sensor.

Do you think Apple will bring a body temperatures sensor in the upcoming Series 8? Or we will have to wait for an extra year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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