EU Proposes Rules To Hold Drone Makers & AI System Manufacturers Accountable

drone flying in the air
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The EU plans to tackle the menace caused by AI system manufacturers and will hold them accountable for their transgressions against users. The new AI Liability Directive consists of an elaborate set of rules to hold drone makers, other AI system manufacturers, and developers accountable for any damage caused to the end user.

The EU is one of the few global organizations trying to honor consumer interests. It is also tightening the reigns of large tech firms like Apple and Meta for the safety of user data, making USB Type-C ports mandatory for devices and more.

EU AI liability directive: more details

The proposed AI Liability Directive by the EU states that Victims can sue for compensation for harm to their life, property, health, and privacy. If any of these events occur due to the fault or omission of a provider or developer. The manufacturing company will be held liable for damaged products and services, both hardware and software.

Victims can sue companies and developers if a security flaw or a recent update renders their smart home gadgets unusable or susceptible to cybercrime. Developers and companies won’t be able to play the blame game anymore and will have to design and improve their products with time. The new rules give consumers more power to challenge manufacturers for damages caused by their products. Earlier, there were not a clear set of rules to prosecute AI-technology companies, but the new AI Directive will change that.

EU AI Directive
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However, don’t expect the new rules to become effective anytime soon. It has a long journey ahead to get approval from the legislative body. TechCrunch reported that it could take at long as late 2023 for the new rules to come into effect. But when it does, it will offer more power to the consumers who earlier had no means to challenge such companies or manufacturers.

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