After The EU, Brazil Wants To Take Away The iPhone’s Lightning

USB-C is going to be a worldwide standard soon!

After The EU, Brazil Wants To Take Away The iPhone's Lightning
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After the mandate of USB-C ports in Europe for all wired chargers in electronic devices, Brazil is following suit. Anatel, which is a telecoms regulator in Brazil, has launched a public consultation on a proposal for making USB-C chargers compulsory for all the smartphones sold in the country.

Europe passed a law on the matter earlier this month forcing companies like Apple to make USB-C-powered iPhones by the end of 2024. It’s highly unlikely that Apple will make specific models for the European countries and should opt for USB-C port on the iPhone.

Is Brazil going to have USB-C mandated?

Brazil is going a similar way to make a USB-C mandate, “The proposal is based on a recent project by the European Parliament to include requirements for harmonizing the cable charging interface of different equipment,” said Anatel in a blog post.

Per Anatel, the benefits of making USB-C mandatory would primarily be a decrease in e-waste and an increase in customer convenience. The drawbacks were the regulation’s higher enforcement costs and the potential for deterring businesses from creating new and better standards.

A U.S. Congressional committee has requested that the Department of Commerce should adopt a similar European strategy to create a plan to address “unnecessary consumer costs, mitigate e-waste, and restore certainty to the process of purchasing new electronics,” wrote Anatel.

With USB-C being the default standard in Android phones, the legislation would largely affect Apple. However, the company has long been rumored to be testing USB-C for its iPhones. They have already embraced USB-C for MacBook and iPad lineup.

Whatever changes it may be we’ll be seeing it from the iPhone 15; as the iPhone 14 is all set to launch at Apple’s September event. Although the devices will still have a lightning port but will come with some major upgrades in the camera and design department.

Lastly, Anatel said that its public consultation will run until August 26th. What are your thoughts on USB-C becoming mandatory worldwide? Comment your thoughts down below.

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