Google Search Update Adds Multiple New Features

Google search 2022
Image: Google

Google hosted its annual Google Search On event on September 28, 2022. It announced a lot of new features and improvements in the way users can search using Google. The company is moving towards a more visual search experience as opposed to searching the web using precise search terms.

Google’s Multisearch feature is rolling out to 70 new languages, a feature that was only accessible in the U.S. with only support for the English language. Apart from that, Mutlisearch near me will also become available in the coming months. Other notable improvements include Google iOS app shortcuts, text clarity while using Google Lens, search term recommendation buttons while typing, and more.

Google Search update: more details

Google’s Multisearch feature offers a better way to search for an item. It is difficult to describe a product using exact words. So, you can use Lens to scan or capture an image and then see exact search results. In addition, you can add text to further refine the search results and description. A more useful version of this feature will be a multi-search near me that does exactly the same but displays local results also. So, if it’s a product, you will see sellers or shops that have the item you are searching for.

Google Lens is also improving the way it presents the text result on the screen. Rather than displaying the text and including the background color while displaying the text, it will adjust it to become more legible. Google’s iOS app will add shortcuts to make it easier for searchers to search, translate, use voice search, and more actions. These shortcuts will appear directly below the primary search bar in the app.

Google search
Image: Google

You will also notice that clickable buttons will appear while you type a search query. Google will display relevant queries in form of buttons while you type something. You can click on them to add them to the search box and get more refined search results.

All these additions are in line with Google’s new approach to making searching more visual and interactive for the users. Some of these features may not be available yet but will become in the coming months. Do update your Google app to check out the new search features that are available for your region.

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