Spotify Featured Curator Pilot Can Suggest Even Better Music

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Spotify Featured Curator Pilot will highlight the uber-popular playlists made by its users. It is an attempt to bring more relevance to the playlists. Despite having a robust algorithmic playlist curation, Spotify users always want more. This feature may help Spotify users to find relatable playlist recommendations.

Spotify Featured Curator Pilot is an attempt to promote the most viewed, correction, listened to playlists. These playlists aren’t auto-generated and must be from a Spotify user or creator. Spotify imposes specific criteria for featuring a playlist in the Spotify Featured Curator Pilot.

As per Spotify, it must be extremely popular on the platform. It should be able to enchant the users and tell unique stories through the playlists. The criteria appear a bit bonkers, but Spotify’s algorithm is smart enough to weed out the irrelevant ones. Only the most viewed and relatable playlists are worthy of Featured Curator Pilot.

Spotify Featured Curator Pilot

Going by the company’s announcement, it will be a limited-time test that will amplify good playlists among users. Music discovery will also improve as playlists become more human. Thus, some looking for a good playlist can find one without diving too deep. Spotify Featured Curator Pilot will appear to users in select markets. The new Curator Pilot playlist will appear on the home page when you open the app.

Will it make any difference for Spotify users?

Ask any user, and they will say that Spotify’s recommendations are good. But they cannot get close to a user-created playlist’s variety and taste. Grouping music by genre is just the tip of the iceberg. Even Spotify understands that, which is why it is testing the feature. With this new feature, unknown playlist maestros will get recognition for their contribution to the platform.

Moreover, it will bolster their confidence in creating more playlists with a personalized touch. Eventually, it will be a win-win for Spotify. It will have better user retention as users will discover more user-made playlists.

Spotify is very discreet about the nature of testing and the devices. It hadn’t revealed any platform name or the device name yet. A similar feature called Blend was released a few months back. It allowed users to create a collaborative playlist that reflects everyone’s taste in music.

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