Epic Has Decided To Completely Shutdown Video Chat App Houseparty

Good riddance to the biggest video chat app during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Epic Has Decided To Completely Shutdown Video Chat App Houseparty
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In a recent move come October, Epic Games decided to shut down its video chat app, Houseparty. Houseparty, the social video chat app, was launched in 2016 and saw a surge in its popularity when the Covid-19 pandemic broke.

In a press release on Thursday, Epic Games said it would be shutting down Houseparty, citing financial sustainability. After shutting down, Houseparty employees are expected to be repositioned to work on other projects with Epic Games.

The official press release read, “The team behind Houseparty is working on creating new ways to have meaningful and authentic social interactions at a metaverse scale across the Epic Games family.” The move clearly states Epic’s big plans for the metaverse, which is centered around Fortnite.

The blog continued, “Houseparty team’s social vision and core technology have already contributed to new features used by hundreds of millions of people in Fortnite and by developers around the world. As a result, we can’t give the app or our community the attention that it deserves.”

While the decision to shut down Houseparty was sudden, the developers made sure the transition was smooth for existing Houseparty users. The app will not be available for further downloads and will be removed immediately from the Play Store and App Store. Meanwhile, the press release said it would continue to work for existing users until it is completely shut down. Also, any further updates regarding the Houseparty shutdown will be shared via in-app notifications.

Along with the app, the Fortnite mode in Houseparty will also be coming to an end. The feature was integrated into Epic’s Battle Royale experience last year, allowing players to join video chats while playing.

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