Amazon Prime Video “Watch Party” Feature Rolls Out In US


Amazon Prime Video’s new feature will let you connect with your friends while following all social distancing norms. The platform has rolled out a new watch party feature that allows users to watch movies together online.

The Amazon Video Watch Party feature will only be available to Prime members. The host of the watch party will invite other users and will have full control over the viewing experience. The host can even line-up movies and shows for binge-watching.

The Verge reports that a single session of the Amazon video watch party can hold up to 100 participants. However, it is also necessary that all Prime users should be based in the US. The video watch party feature includes more than a thousand titles to choose from which users can enjoy with their gang.

During Amazon’s video Watch Party session, members can use built-in chat to share text and emojis. From a privacy perspective, the video parties can be joined only by the people who have the invite link shared by the host.

The new feature by Amazon Prime will provide the platform with an advantage over other OTT platforms. No other platform has a video watch party feature. However, users can install chrome extensions like Netflix Party to watch shows with friends on Netflix.

As of now, Amazon Video Watch Party Feature has only been launched in the United States for Desktop users. Amazon plans to roll it out globally after monitoring the audience’s reaction and the demand for the feature. Meanwhile, the company hasn’t commented on whether the feature will land on Amazon Prime Video’s mobile app or not.

Nishit Raghuwanshi

Nishit Raghuwanshi

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