Doctor Stone Is Getting A New Anime Special Episode

Meet the newest member of the Kingdom of Science.

Doctor Stone Is Getting A New Anime Special Episode
Image Credit: TMS Entertainment

Doctor Stone is one of the most popular Shonen anime of this era. Although it is a Shonen, the show actually has very complex and scientific themes, devoid of glorious battles and clashes unlike the others in its genre. Fans of this show simply cannot find anything else like it.

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So while we wait for season 3, the creators have decided to grace us with an exciting new Doctor Stone special episode. It was announced along with season 3, but with a brand new trailer now we know what it’s about and even when it’s coming out. You can check it yourself down below.

Doctor Stone Ryusui special episode trailer

The short trailer almost gives us all we need to know about the upcoming episode. It will be all about the new character Ryusui Nanami. And the trailer does not shy away from showing us a ton of scenes of him. So it’s safe to say that the special episode will also feature this new member of the Kingdom of Science in full force.

While it’s great to be excited about upcoming releases, let’s not forget anime that is coming out right now. One Piece is still one of the greatest Shonen anime ever made and is currently undergoing a very hype part of the Wano arc. If you’re interested check out our guide on One Piece Episode 1021 right here.

What is the Doctor Stone Ryusui special episode about?

Doctor Stone Is Getting A New Anime Special Episode
Image Credit: TMS Entertainment

As fans of the show may already know, the plot starts off with all the population of the world turned into stone in 2019. Now after 3,700 years a young genius scientist wakes up all alone in the world. But instead of wallowing in despair, he decides to use his brilliant scientific mind to save the world.

However, such a task cannot be done alone. So Senku builds up the Kingdom of Science to bring back all the progress and technology the world has lost. Ryusui Nanami is the son of the owner of Nanami Conglomerate and an expert sailor. He will be a major player in season 3 and will become a huge asset to the Kingdom of Science. So since this ova will introduce us to him, it is a must-watch for fans.

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