Apple MR Headset Could Switch Smoothly Between AR And VR

Apple MR Headset
Image: Antonio De Rosa

The Apple AR/VR headsets were a highly anticipated product during WWCD. However, we didn’t see its unveiling as opposed to some rumors. But it doesn’t mean that Cupertino isn’t working on the product.

It is currently being stated that the device will likely be unveiled next year. Though the date seems quite far, inevitable leaks and rumors are spreading like wildfire.

Reliable industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared some helpful information about the upcoming AR/VR headset.

Apple’s reality headset features smooth AR and VR switching

As per Kuo’s tweet, Apple’s mixed reality headset will feature effortless switching between AR (augmented reality modes) and VR (virtual reality). It could be the leverage that makes the device a hot seller for the company from the moment it steps foot in the market.

Although plenty of users are already familiar with a VR or AR experience, Kuo states that most users will find it fascinating to imagine the kind of experience the headset could provide with a switch between both modes. Thus, the switching modes will be a  hot selling point for the headset.

Here’s what Kuo’s tweet has to say about the MR headset:

The Difference           

It’s important to note that these modes are different and offer dissimilar functionality. The AR mode displays the natural world and adds objects (which aren’t part of reality) for the user to visualize.

For instance, you can use your device to look at particular things (like new iPhones) that aren’t part of reality and mix them with the real-world environment.

The VR mode is different, as it completely blocks reality and creates a novel virtual environment through the VR headset. The mixed reality headset will provide a combination of both experiences.

It could potentially overlay the VR on top of a particular area (like your bedroom) as it interacts with VR objects, thus offering a realistic experience. You can effectively manipulate and interact with objects in the real world.

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