Watch: This Developer Burned A CD With His Apple Watch

Developer burn CD with Apple Watch

Apple has made quite significant strides in the field of health with the Apple Watch. No doubt, it is one of the most popular wearables on the planet. Apple Watch can monitor safe hearing levels, track menstrual cycle, heart rate and heart health detection amongst several other features.

But, can an Apple Watch burn a CD?

Niles Mitchell, an app developer and AppleScript expert runs a YouTube channel and hosts a show named “Will it Work?”. In his show he usually connects unusual and mostly non-compatible gadgets to his Apple Watch and iPhone.

In his latest video, Niles tries to burn a CD using his Apple Watch.

To burn a CD using his Apple Watch, Niles used an app called Rumpus which is an FTP server app and a web file manager. He inserted a blank CD in the burner and sent the IP address to his Apple Watch via iMessage. Using the link, he pulled up the web page pointing to the blank CD.

Niles, then, created folders and subfolders to further make his experiment interesting.

Rumpus is able to run scripts from the web file manager on a Mac device. The developer created a script that could download/upload a file to a directory and assigned an icon to it in the Rumpus app running on his Apple Watch.

Viola! that’s how you burn a CD with an Apple Watch.

This isn’t the first crazy experiment with iPhone or Apple Watch. A few days back, we reported that a hacker is trying to add a USB-C port to iPhone 11 Pro and how you can turn your iPhone 11 Pro into Pro Max by simply removing a resistor.

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