This Hacker Is Trying To Add A USB-C Port To iPhone 11 Pro

Hacker adding USB-C port iPhone 11 Pro

We were expecting Apple to shift to USB-C port this time instead of continuing with the lightning port. Even many rumors indicated that Apple would finally make a shift with iPhone 11, but it didn’t happen.

But this doesn’t meet it can’t happen at all. I mean, there is a guy who can turn an iPhone 11 Pro into a Pro Max. So, getting USB-C on iPhone 11 Pro doesn’t seem impossible.

Meet Scotty Allen, the host of the YouTube channel Strange Parts. He, previously, added a 3.5mm headphone jack to iPhone 7 when Apple parted ways with the old dinosaur. Now, he is attempting to add a USB-C port to the iPhone 11 Pro.

In his latest video, Scotty rips open an iPhone 11 Pro carefully and starts looking for space to fit in a USB-C port. After much examination of the device’s circuitry, he finally spots an empty space where he thinks he could place a USB-C port.

According to Scotty, getting it to work electrically is a challenge, but a bigger challenge is finding the space to fit the USB-C port.

He removed the barometric vent that adds the waterproof sealing to the smartphone. He found out that Apple has been adding a piece of plastic attached to the vent to cover the space where, previously, 3.5mm headphone jack used to be.

This will, most probably, the spot where the hacker will try to add the USB-C type port to his iPhone 11 Pro.

However, Allen soon got cold feet and pondered whether the time and hard work required for accomplishing the task is worth it or not.

He said adding a 3.5mm audio jack to the iPhone 7 took him three months and “heart-wrenching” work. At the moment, he is not sure whether he should proceed with the task of adding a USB-C port to the iPhone 11 Pro.

Scotty has invited comments on his video to motivate him to mod the latest iPhone. You can comment if you want him to see adding the port.

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