Putting Your Computer Inside Oil Sounds Crazy, But It’s Super Useful. Here’s How To Do It

oil cooled computer
oil cooled computer

Short Bytes: Very few of you would be knowing about the existence of mineral oil-cooled PCs. These are custom made computers submerged in non-conductive mineral oil. Compared to regular air cooling, the mineral oil cooling setup works with up to 5-times more efficiency. If you find this interesting, you can read ahead and watch some useful videos that detail the process of making a mineral oil-cooled PC.

For cooling purposes, our computers come with cooling fans. Recently, we also saw the advent of the liquid-cooled smartphones and laptops. But, what if someone asks you to dip your computer inside mineral oil to keep it cool?

Well, you’ll try to keep that crazy person away from your CPU. But, what if I told you that some people like to build such PCs that are kept inside liquid mineral oil to suck the heat produced by the processor?

It’s interesting to note that unlike water or other liquids, mineral oil doesn’t conduct electricity. So, it doesn’t pose any risk of breaking the electronic parts of your computer. For this purpose, generally, an odorless mineral is preferred.

After one submerges the computer inside the mineral oil, the heat generated by the PC is transferred to the oil at about 5-times faster rate as compared to air.

The oil from the computer case is continuously pumped through a radiator to dissipate this heat to the atmosphere.

So, if you are finding this interesting and looking for more information to create a custom and oil-cooled PC, we’ve got you covered.

Below are the detailed videos prepared by Linus Sebastian of the LinusTechTips YouTube channel, telling how to build your own oil-cooled computer:



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