Call of Duty Mobile Update: Halloween Event Brings Ton of New Features

Call of Duty Mobile Halloween Update

Call of Duty Mobile has been a huge success. The game received 100 million downloads within the first week of its release and is showing no signs of slowing down. Other Battle Royale games like PUBG Mobile are taking note and introducing new features like the sliding mechanics in their updates.

However, a Call of Duty Mobile update for Halloween is live and brings a ton of new changes to the already smooth gameplay. The size of the update is 83.14 MB (version #:

The new COD Halloween update includes new skills, new customizable items, new scorestreak, etc. However, the new update does not bring the much-anticipated controller support to the game.

According to reports, Activision is currently testing PS4/Xbox One controller for Call of Duty Mobile but there is no official word on the release date.

Anyway, here’s everything you need to know about the Halloween update of Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Halloween Update

Call of Duty Mobile Halloween

In order to download the new update, simply launch the “Call of Duty Mobile” on your smartphone and after the initial loading screen, the game will ask you to update the game. You may also choose to cancel the update.

The new Call of Duty Halloween update brings up the following changes:

  • A brand new Sparrow operator skill
  • Limited time hardpoint game mode
  • A new Battle Royale chip called Airborne
  • A new scorestreak – Molotov Cocktail
  • New skin for weapons, items, and operators

Adding to the update, the multiplayer map – Standoff – has been revamped with a Halloween-inspired spooky look. There are also some limited time events for the Halloween season including:

  • Free battle crate and epic weapon XP card worth 500 XP for updating
  • Free weapon during Halloween log-in event
  • Halloween themed ID collection event

To add to the seasonal theme, Call of Duty Mobile also has a brand new loading screen and the Login screen is also updated with new animations. Inside the game, the home screen is also revamped in Halloween style. The multiplayer screen, however, remains the same.

In order to make the gameplay better, the developers of COD mobile have also added several balanced changes in the game including:

  • Slightly reduced close-range damage on Type 25
  • Adjusted performance of hip fire on Type 25

Call of Duty Updates

Call of Duty mobile was launched with several bugs but over time the game has been fixed and is running quite smoothly. During its release, the Call of Duty mobile was touted as having controller support for PS4 and Xbox controller.

An image of the game’s settings menu was leaked online showcasing this feature. However, after the game’s launch, no such feature was available. The developers are currently working to add controller support to the game, but fans shouldn’t hold their breath as there’s no official word regarding the release date yet.

Since its launch, two new additional game modes have been added to the Call of Duty mobile – Free-for-all and Gun mode.

Free-for-all was even available with the beta version of the game, but Gun mode is a brand new game mode. It tests the skills of the player with different types of guns in the game. Free-for-all, a total of 8 players against each other and the one with the highest score wins the match.

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