Counterpoint Data Shows How Smartphone Cameras Are Getting Smarter

Counterpoint Data
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Counterpoint recently hosted a webinar, “Smartphone Imaging Trends: New Directions Capturing Magic Moments”. There was representation from famous companies, including HONOR, DXOMARK, Qualcomm, and the famous Eugenio Recuenco.

The webinar talked about the smartphone camera hardware and the contribution of software toward innovation. It also discussed the elements that served as a gauge to measure quality. User experiences were also brought under discussion. 

How smartphone cameras have reached a plateau

Cameras are often measured by the hardware specifications, which are usually perceived as stepping stones for innovation and progression in quality.

While there is such importance on hardware specifications, the upper market is increasing lens focal lengths, flagship camera counts, and image processing methods.

Such devotion to advancement has put immense pressure on the chipset makers to maintain stride with Moore’s law

Counterpoint Data
Image Credit: Counterpoint

Smartphone cameras have reached a plateau because there has been minimal advancement in software specifications. The average number of camera counts has been dangling below 3 for over a year now.

It is a sign of concern for imaging companies because it is alarming to come to a standstill in a basic field like photography in an age of technological advancement. HONOR is working to counter and deal with a standstill by employing computational photography techniques.

The deceiving importance of specifications

While hardware specifications are paramount in determining the effectiveness of a camera, they’re not the end. “Megapixels and camera counts are important to a degree, but it’s not just about hardware specs when we talk about and compare camera systems. What happens behind the scenes is just as, if not more, important than what is listed on a smartphone’s spec sheet,” states Jan Stryjak, Associate Director at Counterpoint Research.

The Advancement in Cameras

Photographer and film director Eugenio Recuenco shot the film Kaleidoscope using the Honor Magic 4 Pro. Recuenco was thrilled by the photographic experience because of the advancement in photographic technology. 

While technology stands at a plateau for some technological aspects, it has taken huge leaps in others. Stay tuned for more important news and updates!

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