Bill Gates Still Works Backstage At Microsoft To Improve Various Products

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These days, when we read stories concerning Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, we mostly come across his efforts to protect the environment and his philanthropic endeavors.

While he might not be the public face of Microsoft anymore (Satya Nadella is doing that job pretty well), he is still one of the key figures when it comes to the important decisions being made at Microsoft.

It’s worth noting that when Nadella took over as Microsoft’s CEO, he asked Gates to increase his contribution to the company (Via Redmond Magazine).

Back then, Gates also said the same in a video with Nadella: “I’ll have over a third of my time available to meet with product groups, and it will be fun to define this next round of products, working together.”

A recent video shared by Wired (shot in August) shares some more insights regarding Gates’ life and his current contribution to the company.

“Even to this day I do some architecture things on the various products,” Gates said in the video.

While specifics of his contributions remain unknown, it’s surely pleasant to know that he’s using his experience to guide different product teams at the company. This might also seem like a great news as Microsoft has been doing wonders at Wall Street. The company’s Azure cloud business is breaking new grounds and LinkedIn is also reporting growing sales.

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