This Video Shows iPhone 11 Can Survive Expanding Liquid Foam

iPhone 11 survives expanding liquid foam

We have seen how people tend to put smartphones through tough tests to evaluate their survival capabilities. A new video shows how a YouTuber puts three high-end, expensive smartphones into expanding liquid foam to find out which one can deal with the situation and pull through it. Here’s what happened:

iPhone 11 In Expanding Liquid Foam

According to a video by YouTuber TechRax, the iPhone 11, the Galaxy Note 10, and the Galaxy Fold were pitted against each other and put in expanding liquid foam. To clear the air, the chance of survival for all three smartphones was quite low.

Once the smartphones were put in liquid foam, it started to spread and eventually hardened. During the initial time, the first one to surrender was the Galaxy Fold, followed by the Galaxy Note 10 and then the iPhone 11.

After a while when the foam hardened, the smartphones were taken out one by one, and iPhone 11 was the clear winner as it still worked.

The Galaxy Note 10 won the test too, however, the Galaxy Fold could not survive the expanding liquid foam test and failed to switch on.

One thing worth mentioning is that all three smartphones faced physical damage during the test as the process to get them out of the foam was a tough one.

Here’s the video to get a better idea:

While the Galaxy Note 10 lost its power on/off button, the iPhone 11 was left with a broken back and rear camera module. Additionally, the Galaxy Fold had a crack in the middle and damaged rear cameras.

iPhone 11 Is Quite Durable!

Apart from winning the expanding liquid foam test, the iPhone 11 series is arguably a durable pick as it beat the Nokia 3310 in a drop test and worked just fine.

The drop test was performed on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and the Nokia 3310. All three smartphones were dropped from a height of 20 stories, from a spiral staircase.

In the drop test too, the Galaxy Fold failed miserably and this clearly shows why it is a failure by Samsung.

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