This Crucial Trait of Steve Jobs And Bill Gates Made Them Successful, According To Elon Musk

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and Elon Musk
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk never much cares about Windows 10 or which iPhone is around the corner, but he surely believes in the ideology of the technologists behind these great products.

Billionaire Bill Gates and Apple Steve Jobs were bitter rivals in the history of computing. But, simultaneously, they were highly optimistic entrepreneurs. Both of them believed in their product to the core and moreover, in the employees who helped it reach new heights.

In an interview with, Elon Musk says they’re obviously very driven and talented people and their ability to attract talented people and motivate them made the company successful.

“….because a company is just a group of people that are assembled to create a product or service,” the Space X founder added.

Musk believes this is the “elementary truth” to make a company flourishing which sometimes people forget.

“If you’re able to get great people to join the company and work together towards a common goal….then you will end up with a great product.”

The truth shared by Elon Musk is not unknown to the new age entrepreneurs. They relentlessly try to pitch in employees with incentives and perks such as a swimming pool, movie tickets even gaming consoles.

But companies need more than the materialistic perks. They need to build employees into having company goals as their own. Steve Jobs once said in an interview: “If they (job seekers) didn’t respond with much enthusiasm, they didn’t get the job.” Jobs believed in the importance of passion and having a shared vision.

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