22 Best Nova Launcher Themes And Icon Packs To Use In 2022

Best Nova Launcher Themes And Icon Packs 2019

Android customization is one of the chief reasons why many people shift from iOS to Android. These modifications can range from merely changing the wallpapers to overhauling the entire operating system with Custom ROMs.

However, we observed that out of all customizable things, people really like trying out new themes. Some do it just for fun, and others use it to get rid of pre-installed custom skins. Whatever the reason may be, Android icon packs and themes are flourishing on the Google Play Store.

We keep seeing many top-of-the-line Android launchers that can transform your Android experience with new themes and icon packs. But Nova Launcher seems to have its massive cult following.

Even though the Nova Launcher app and Nova Prime app (paid version) don’t hold in-house themes, it’s still considered one of the best launchers in the world.

As for Android, we have compiled a list of top Nova launcher themes and icon packs that will transform your Android experience.

Note: When we say Nova launcher themes and icon packs, it technically means Nova launcher icon packs combined with the additional wallpapers.

Best Nova Launcher themes and Icon packs for 2021

Here’s a list of some of the best packs that you can get from Play Store.

1. Polycon

Nova launcher theme - Polycon

With over one million downloads, the Polycon icon pack is probably the most popular Nova launcher icon pack for Android. It follows Google’s Material Design iconography with loads of beautiful additions.

The vibrant and colorful icons fit perfectly with the in-app wallpapers. The app has more than 800 Vector icons, including unique, different folder icons, app drawer icons, and much more.

Sadly, Polycon developers removed the nova launcher icon pack from Google Play Store back in 2018. But you still download its Polycon APK version from the mentioned link.

Price – Free

2. CandyCons

Best Nova Launcher theme - CandyCons

CandyCons is my personal favorite mainly because of the detailing and little textures supplied to every single icon. The Android icon pack follows the material design color palette from Google, perfectly getting along with the Android UI.

It has more than 1,127 high-resolution icons and about 20 wallpapers. I like the individual attention on Google apps such as Chrome or Google Photos.

As of September 2019, the developers have shifted their focus on a CandyCons Unwrapped featuring new icons. However, it comes with a $1.49 price.

Price – Free

3. H2O

Best Nova Icon Pack - H2O

H2O icon pack is inspired by Oxygen OS for OnePlus devices. The elegant design and rounded shapes of the icons fit exceptionally well with the Nova launcher Android theme.

The Android icon pack has more than 4,430 icons and comes with a bunch of pretty good wallpapers that complement the beautiful colors of the theme.

Price – Free

4. Delta

Best Nova Launcher Icon Packs - Delta

With over one million downloads, Delta still retains a position among the best Nova launcher themes. With more than 2,000 icons to choose from and support for 20+ launchers, the minimalistic icons are best suited if you don’t prefer high contrast colors.

The light shade pastel icons are combined with a few in-house wallpapers that transform your Android device into beauty.

Price – Free

5. Pix UI 2

Best Nova Launcher theme -PixUI

This Nova Android theme is more of a Pixel icon pack – Icons which you will find in a Google Pixel device. Besides, the objective here is to give your device a Pixel-like feel.

The free Nova launcher icon pack has a massive 6,910+ icons library, all of them with 192x192px resolution. There’s also a set of cloud-based Quad HD wallpapers.

Once you install the Android icon pack, don’t forget to apply the best-suited nova launcher settings listed under the app’s description. Compile the icon pack with Lawnchair Launcher and you might never have to think about buying a Google Pixel ever again.

Price – Free

6. Viral

Top Android Icon Packs - Viral

Viral icon pack is known for its beautiful dark, stylized icons which blend perfectly with any dark wallpapers or dark themes. While this Nova launcher theme for Android encompasses over 200 wallpapers, you can download your own wallpaper to give a more personalized look.

It has more than 4,148 icon packs that follow a dark pastel color palette and an HD quality design.

Price – Free

7. Glim

Top Android themes and icon pack - Glim

Glim has been up in the lists of best Nova launcher icon packs for a long time. Android users seem to love the unique, flat-styled, soft long shadow icons which are based on Google’s Material color palette.

This Nova launcher icon pack looks clean and simple, with no overly animation in the design. Glim also has an alternative if you prefer dark themes called “Glim dark.” These icons consist of large deep shadows and a whole set of different wallpapers.

Price – Free

Download Glim

8. Lines

Top Nova launcher Icon packs

Unlike mainstream themes and icon packs which follow Google material design, Lines is entirely on a different route. The hollow icons are hard outlined shapes of apps that are coupled with matching 200 wallpapers.

The icon pack has over 2100 icons and comprises a similar-looking analog clock widget that blends in perfectly with the Nova launcher theme.

The Android icon pack is all up to the standards of beauty; only the soft-white icon frame can sometimes make it difficult to look for apps.

Price – Free

9. Moonrise

Best Nova Launcher Icon packs - Moonrise

Moonrise is another theme for Android which imitates the true colors of moonlight and dawn, creating a unique icon pack. It has over 1,050+ icon packs with 60+ wallpapers with cloud-based wallpaper picker.

Apart from that, the whole nova launcher icon pack is manually crafted for vector graphics and includes a beautiful material dashboard. It would be a perfect choice for night owls.

Price – Free

10. Umbra

Best Nova Launcher Theme

Hands down, this alluring Android theme undoubtedly gives your Android device an out-of-this-world look. Umbra icon pack has rounded icons with a robust dark shadow and thick black outlines.

The Nova theme has more than 4,350 icons and hundreds of alternatives for a single app. The app includes around 50 QHD wallpapers, and as well as it gets weekly updates.

Price – $0.99

11. Voxel

Best Nova Launcher Android Icon Pack - Voxel

Looking for some hard square-shaped icons? The Voxel icon pack is all about flat icons and long shadows. The Nova launcher icon pack has more than 4,850 icons with 20 in-house wallpapers.

The colorful icon boxes, soft shadow, and high-quality design give an innocent look to your device. But it’s this simple and plain look which sets it apart from other Android icon packs and themes.

Price – Free

12. Whiscons

Whiscons Nova theme

Whiscons is a popular Nova launcher icon pack that features white minimalistic icons with no border or background.

This Android icon pack has over 5555 high-quality quality icons whose tidy and straightforward look gives a charming look to your Android device. The best part is Whiscons icons would look good on most wallpapers, however solid backgrounds would go perfect with the icon pack.

Thankfully, Whiscons has such wallpapers within the icon pack. With the support of more than 24500 apps, users have tens of icon options even for a single app.

Price – Free

13. Revolution Icon Pack

Best Nova Launcher Icon Pack - Revolution

Revolution Icon pack is a distinct Nova launcher theme because all the icons are circle-shaped, regardless of the icon’s original look. As you’ll notice, each one is handcrafted in a way such that the whole icon pack fits in flawlessly with the Android User Interface (UI). Still, it feels a lot different than the round icons on the Pixel Theme.

While this Android theme doesn’t have any in-app wallpapers to choose from, the no ads policy apparently balances out all unfavorable outcomes. Not to mention, the 1,500 HD quality icon library of circular design icons.

Price – Free

14. Dark Matter

Best Nova Launcher Android icon pack - Dark matter

Dark Matter has nothing dark in its Android theme. Instead, the icon pack has cartoonish flat-styled icons which are filled with radiant colors. The icon pack for Android has over 3,100 icons to choose from and over 30 QHD wallpapers.

This Nova launcher icon pack seems to fit with any wallpaper since all the black outlined icons can stand out on any background.

Price – $3.89

15. Blackdrop

top Android theme - Blackdrop

There is something unique about this Nova launcher icon pack for Android. The dark Pixel-style icons, seizing all the nitty-gritty minimalism elements just hold you spellbound.

Moreover, the rare teardrop shape of the entire icon pack takes the Android experience to a whole new level.

Blackdrop has hundreds of icons and over 200 different wallpapers to choose from. And the extraordinary design undoubtedly makes it the best Nova launcher icon pack yet.

Price – $6.49

16. PixBit

Top Android Icon packs - PixbitTop Android Icon packs - Pixbit

If you ever admired those pixelated video games back in the ’90s, you will assuredly love the PixBit icon pack. The Nova launcher icon pack for Android has small 8-bit icons which are inspired by the Google Pixel look.

PixBit icon pack features over 2000 icon packs and 20 Pixel art wallpapers. Additionally, the Android icon pack has 5 Pixel KWGT Pro Widgets.

Price – $4.89

17. Fluxo

Top Nova Launcher icon pack - Fluxo

Another aesthetically pleasing Nova Launcher theme for Android: Fluxo icon pack. It has cartoonish little icons which are enclosed in grey-shaded circles.

The icons throw off soft shadow, which compliments the overall look of Android, giving you choose the right wallpaper. The Nova launcher icon pack has over more than 2,200 icons and 20 QHD wallpapers.

Price – Free

18. Minma

the Minma Nova icon pack

Minma is a newcomer, however, don’t feel for a second that it is any less than the other best icon packs of 2021. It has only 700 icon packs, but its outstanding design balances out the lower number of icons.

With that being said, developers are continuously working to improve the icon pack. Meanwhile, users can request up to 10 icons per update.

Minma features hand-stroked round icons with a black surface. Couple them with a greyish background and you got the best nova launcher theme at your disposal.

Price – Free

19. GLIF

Top Nova Launcher Theme - GLIF

If you loved to play with colors in your childhood, you would love this theme for Android. GLIF has strong pastel-colored icons with bold outlines and a glistening white stripe over each icon.

This Nova launcher icon pack for Android has over 1170+ icons with compatibility up to QHD screens. The comic book feel is quite distinct from other themes and makes it a perfect icon pack for your Android device.

Price – $4.79

20. Paper

Best Nova Launcher Theme and Icon Pack - Paper

Paper icon pack resides on more modern and elegant Nova themes. The icons in this one are colorful and seem like they have been torn out of a paper.

The icon pack comes with over 5000 high-quality icons to choose from and a bunch of cool HD wallpapers to back up the rare-looking icons.

Price – $4.49

21. Retro

Best Android Theme

If you are looking out for a more classic and retro look, this free Android icon pack is worth a try. The entire icon pack has a yellow tint coupled with muted colors on each icon.

The Nova launcher theme has more than 1,150 icons and around 73 wallpapers to give your Android device a beautiful retro feel.

Price – Free

22. Flight

Top Nova Launcher Icon and theme pack

If “the less, the better” is your mantra, then you should certainly give this flight icon pack a shot. Packed with a minimalistic design; the Flight icon pack includes clean flat white icons and is best suited for your less app approach.

Being a part of the best icon packs for Nova, Flight has more than 2,500 icons to consider and near about 200 wallpapers. Some of its icons have little transparent space that helps the artistic backgrounds really shine out.

Price – Free


So this was the list of top Nova Launcher Android themes and icon packs. All of the above themes and icon packs can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Remember, the above list of best themes is not a Nova launcher exclusive, it means that you can use them on other supported launchers as well. Head over to our best launcher list to look for a Nova launcher alternative. And, of course, all of this stuff will work smoothly on recent Android versions including the latest Android 12. Also, check out our list of free and best android apps to get the most out of your smartphones here!

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