Best Free Games To Play On Steam In 2021

best free games on steam

Steam is by far the biggest digital online store available right now. Such a huge library also includes a lineup of some of the best free video games. However, choosing which game to play among thousands of free games on steam can get difficult. So here are some of the best free games on Steam to play in 2021.

The games selected on this list are up to the standards of modern-day video games. Some of these free PC games get constant updates from while others are new releases. PC Gaming fans might also want to check out our other list of the top 10 free games on the Epic Games Store.

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How to get Free Steam Games?

Method 1

1. Go to the Steam free to play section.

2. Scroll down and select What’s Being Played.

3. Here, you can find the all-time best free games on Steam.

Method 2

Join free game communities such as Free Games Finders and r/FreeGameFindings for regular updates on free games and how to get them.

Method 3

Use websites like Humble Bundle, which gives away free games once in a while.

Best free-to-play games on Steam

Apex Legends (Best free game on Steam)

Apex Legend is one of the biggest Battle Royale games out there. A spiritual successor to the hit Titanfall series, the game involves a huge arena where teams must survive till the end to become the champions of the arena. Gameplay is a mix of run and gun first-person shooters combined with unique abilities.

Players are dropped into this massive arena in three teams, where each person must choose from various characters. Each character has their own abilities matching their own backstories, giving the world a bit of storytelling element.

The game follows a seasonal model where new content arrives every 3 months with each new season. Each season brings new characters, new weapons, new maps, and sometimes new game modes too. It is one of the most popular games in the world right now, and the best thing is that you play this with your friends.

Download Apex Legends on Steam for free

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a first-person looter shooter sci-fi adventure game. It sounds like a mouthful, right; however, the game can back this up with its amount of content. In this game, you play as a guardian of the last city of humanity gifted with special powers and abilities. You use these powers to fight the enemies of the last city: the hive, fallen, vex, and the darkness.

The game offers several story missions and game modes such as Strikes (PvE), Crucible (PvP), and Gambit (PvEvP). This is the one to look out for those looking for a challenging PvE and PvP game. It has an interesting storyline filled with deep lore, especially those who like this kind of storytelling.

The game has recently implemented crossplay and cross-save support, meaning you can play the game on any platform with your friends. There’s a lot to offer in the free version of the game, especially with the Season Pass having a free tier available to all players. The game also has various paid DLC, which you can buy if you like the gameplay. The developers have also promised that every year more DLC content will be made free.

Download Destiny 2 on Steam for free


Ever wondered what kind of game CS: GO or Valorant would be if it had Portal-like mechanics. Splitgate is exactly that, and it’s a free-to-play PvP Portal shooter.

IGN describes this game as “Halo meets Portal.” After its release, the game rose to the top charts of free games on Steam. Even during its beta, the game saw more than 600,000 downloads.

The game drops you on a map filled with teleporter walls which players can use to flank and outsmart their opponents. The gunplay is basically just like Halo, with a few similarities to Valorant.

The only part where the game lacks is the amount of content and map variety. This problem will likely be solved due to the seasonal model the game follows. Hopefully, new content will be added with each season, making the game more interesting.

Download Splitgate on Steam for free

Warframe (Best Free Steam Games)

Warframe is a third-person looter shooter action RPG game. You play as a space ninja with four unique abilities that are tied to each character. You can unlock other characters just by simply playing the game or buying them with premium currency. It has deep lore for those who are interested in story-driven games.

Where the game shines is its variety of content and constant updates. Over the years, the developers of Warframe have released multiple updates for the game, filling it with huge amounts of content. If you ever find yourself with a lot of time and nothing to play with, check out Warframe on Steam’s free games list.

Download Warframe on Steam for free

Final Fantasy XIV (trial)

Final Fantasy online is the ultimate action-adventure RPG game of the current generation. What’s even more amazing is that the game’s trial version gives you access to 100+ hours of content or 30 days of free access, whichever finishes first. The gameplay comprises what you would expect of a typical MMORPG like League of Legends or World of Warcraft.

You can choose from a myriad of different characters to play along with your friends. Together you can tackle the hardest challenges the game has to offer. The good thing is that the game developers are constantly adding new things to the game with each expansion. This, along with a strongly built narrative story filled with lore, might be what people are looking for.

Download Final Fantasy XIV Online on Steam for free

Doki Doki Literature Club!

You might think that Doki Doki Literature Club is one of those cutesy dating simulator games, but you’re dead mistaken. Contrary to its appearance, this game is way darker than it seems (don’t let the trailer fool you). However, that’s what makes this game so special that this is probably the darkest storytelling game one will ever play despite its initial impression.

The game disguises itself as a dating simulator but tackles dark and heavy topics, so definitely not for the faint of heart. Without spoiling too much about the story, it’s impossible to describe how great and unique this game is. So for those who want to try out something new and mind-blowing, this is the game for you.

Download Doki Doki Literature Club for free on Steam


Paladins is an online hero shooter video game made by Hi-Rez, makers of Rogue Company. The gameplay is very similar to Overwatch, where players have to choose which champion to use for the match. Each champion has its unique abilities and weapons. There are several game modes: siege, onslaught, team deathmatch, and ranked (competitive siege).

Fans of games such as Overwatch and League of Legends will find this game to be very enjoyable. You can find Paladins on the free games list on Steam’s Games Store.

Download Paladins on Steam for free

Rogue Company

Rogue Company is a multiplayer tactical shooter game published by Hi-Rez Studios. The game is quite similar to Valorant or CS: GO. However, unlike Valorant or CS: GO, Rogue Company is a third-person shooter. So, if you’re one of those players who prefer third-person games over first-person games, then Rogue Company is the one for you.

You play in a four-player team to go against another team in several game modes. At the start of each round, players can buy weapons, perks, and grenades using the credits. The number of credits you earn will depend on your performance in each round. You can find Rogue Company on Steam’s free games list.

Download Rogue Company on Steam for free

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