Who Is Scarlet Scarab? Are There Two Versions Of The Same Superhero?

Who Is Scarlet Scarab Are There Two Versions Of The Same Superhero

With the latest episode of Marvel’s Moon Knight, many questions have arisen in fans’ minds. To quote a few, who is Scarlet Scarab? What powers does Layla have as Taweret’s avatar? Also, will we see more of Scarlet Scarab in Moon Knight Season 2? Well, let’s try and cover all of these in this article, and let’s get to it.

While fans have taken a liking to MCU’s first original superhero character, Scarlet Scarab’s comic book version is nothing like what Marvel has portrayed in the latest episode of Moon Knight. Moreover, upon searching about MCU’s newest Egyptian superhero, fans will find out that the MCU version and the comic book version have nothing in common except for their name.

Scarlet Scarab (Marvel Comics version)

scarlet scarab marvel comics
Image: Marvel comics

The very first origins of the Scarlet Scarab can be traced back to 1977 in Marvel comics Invaders #23. As per Marvel comics, Scarlet Scarab is an Egyptian warrior named Adbul Faoul. While fans of the Moon Knight TV series will surely notice the resemblance in the comic book Scarlet Scarab’s name and Layla’s father, Doctor Abdallah El-Faouly, however, as of now, Marvel hasn’t revealed any connection between the two, apart from the fact that both the characters are archeologists.

To better understand the comic book version of the Egyptian superhero, think of him as the Egyptian Captain America because that’s what he meant to the Egyptian people in Marvel comics. In the comics, Abdul led a group called “Sons of the Scarab,” which sought to end foreign control in Egypt. Note that the comic book story featured WW2. Initially allied with the Axis forces, seeking to eradicate the British from his homeland, Scarlet Scarab eventually parted ways with the Nazis. On the other hand, he refused to join the allied forces, even after multiple invitations.

MCU’s Scarlet Scarab

scarlet scarab MCU
Image: Marvel

Now that we know the basics of Marvel’s Egyptian superhero comic origins, let’s talk about the MCU’s version. As can be seen, the two, although they have the same name, bear very little to no resemblance. While the comic book version became the Scarlet Scarab by coming in contact with the ‘Ruby Scarab,’ MCU’s version is the “temporary” avatar of the Egyptian Goddess Taweret.

In the last episode of Moon Knight season 1, we saw Layla El-Faouly taking on the mantle of Taweret’s avatar to save the day by fighting off Ammit. At the same time, Moon Knight doesn’t dwell much on MCU’s first original Egyptian superhero, apart from her helping Marc in defeating Ammit. At the same time, MCU’s Scarlet Scarab can be seen sporting a golden costume with golden metal wings. In addition, apart from the superhuman strength, Layla’s wings also helped her deflect bullets at close range.

Scarlet Scarab’s wings have a different meaning in Egyptian mythology

Layla is Taweret’s avatar in Moon Knight and we don’t see the Egyptian Goddess with any golden wings. However, there is one Egyptian Goddess, Isis, that has golden wings just like the one shown on MCU’s Scarlet Scarab. And while there’s no direct connection between the two, we think there is a possible connection between Scarlet Scarab and Isis, which we might get to in Moon Knight Season 2.

In addition, fans might remember who saved Marc and Steven from the Duat. When Marc goes back for Steven, it was Osiris who took pity on them; we can hear Taweret saying, “Osiris, you old softie!” and bring them back to life. For the uninitiated, Osiris is the God of the underworld in Egyptian mythology. However, this is where things get interesting. In ancient Egyptian mythology, Osiris and Isis are married; now, Layla getting the wings resembling Isis’ wings and Marc getting saved by Osiris might be something Marvel is trying to build, or it might not mean anything at all.

However, we’re hopeful that Moon Knight Season 2 is sure to take on the new Scarlet Scarab and her powers. In addition, we’re also counting that the next season of Moon Knight will dwell deeper into Egyptian mythology, exploring the old Gods and Goddesses. Lastly, the last episode of Season 1 of Moon Knight also introduced the fans to Marc Spector’s third personality, about which we’re sure we’ll learn more about in Moon Knight Season 2.

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