AMD Launches Radeon VII 7nm Gaming GPU In India For INR 54,990

AMD radeon VII

AMD made it to headlines at CES 2019 by unveiling Radeon VII — world’s first 7nm graphics card. Now the chip maker company has launched the powerful graphics card in India, and you can purchase it for INR 54,990.

Built on Vega architecture, AMD Radeon VII is aimed at gamers and professionals who require extensive computational power for 3D rendering, and video applications with extremely high compute workloads. When compared to its predecessor Radeon RX Vega 64, Radeon VII brings twice the memory and memory bandwidth.

The graphics card features 60 compute units and can be clocked up to 1,750 MHz to deliver an outstanding performance.

It sports a massive 16GB of HMB2 memory with 1TB/sec bandwidth and a 4,096-bit memory interface. AMD said that the Radeon VII GPUs would offer up to 25% more performance at the same power.

During its keynote, AMD promised that this beast of a GPU would bring 35% improvement in Battlefield V and 42% improvements in Strange Brigade when compared to its predecessor.

AMD has also bundled three game titles namely Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 and The Division 2 with the card. You will get the PC versions of the three most anticipated games of 2019 upon purchasing Radeon VII.

AMD’s gaming GPU is in direct competition with the NVIDIA GeForce 2000 series.

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