Apple TV is More Powerful Than Ever With Intelligent Siri Support and tvOS

apple iphone 6s live apple tv 1
apple iphone 6s live apple tv 1

apple-iphone-6s-live-apple-tv-1Short Bytes: It was just a matter of time. From the Apple iPhone 6s launch event stage, Apple unveiled its fourth-generation Apple TV. Company CEO Tim Cook showed the new set-top TV box with its own app store and a new operating system called tvOS.

The new Apple TV set-top box comes with a more powerful hardware and is controlled using a remote control with a touch-sensitive panel. The tiny remote control also has a microphone that lets you utilize the power of Siri. Using her abilities, you can request shows and movies based on your interest and favorite actor.

Apart from the TV shows and movies, Apple TV could also be used for playing video games. Speaking at the event, Tim Cook called apps the future of TV while previously Apple called the TV boxes as a “hobby”. Earlier in the event, Apple launched new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

The Apple remote for Apple TV allows you to use features like fast forwarding, rewinding and other functions.

The new tvOS is a TV-optimized version of iOS that allows you to take the advantage of Apple’s Proactive search and usual voice-based searches.


Apple has confirmed that the TV hardware would be sold as a 32GB base model for $149 and 64GB model for $199. Apple TV includes the same A8 processor that powers the older iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The device will offer a power plus, Ethernet port and HDMI port. Apple TV will ship in October.

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