Game Of Thrones “Winterfell” Is Causing Heartrate Monitors To Spike [No Spoilers]

Game of Thrones Winterfell
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The Game of Thrones Winterfell episode is out and it is more than what several people can handle. The latest episode of the fantasy drama series is causing people’s heart rate monitors to spike.

It is being conveyed on social media that the battle of Winterfell is so intense that some people are getting half an hour of exercise just by watching the series alone.

Game of Thrones also broke several records earlier this week. The show received around 17.4 million views and around 54 million illegal streams as well.

Game of Thrones Winterfell Is Super Dark

Game of Thrones Winterfell Houses
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Several fans of the series took to social media to describe their review of the latest Game of Thrones episode. The main reaction of people is only of shock as people are left gasping for air when the Winterfell episode finishes.

People who were wearing heart monitors, either an actual one or a smartwatch, noticed continuous spikes lasting for an hour and a half. Even by conservative estimates, such heart-rate activity is equivalent to intense exercise at the gym.

Usually, our heartrate increases when the kidneys in our bodies release Adrenaline. It is a steroidal hormone which stimulates the flight or fight response. It is usually secreted when we’re at the gym or under a very dangerous situation which requires our maximum physical output.

Adrenaline is often released when we watch a horror or thriller movie. The anticipation of something horrific coming on the screen makes our body think that we’re in danger and thus it signals the hormone to be released.

Once in the bloodstream, the Adrenaline increases heartrate which increases blood flow, especially in the muscles. This also has health benefits because blood carries oxygen, vitamins, and minerals with it to several parts of the body.

Avengers Endgame Is Not Far Behind

Game of Thrones Winterfell Avengers
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Game of Thrones Winterfell is not the only thing causing people’s heart rate to spike; Avengers Endgame is also doing the same. The latest Marvel movie caused several people intense shock due to its end scene.

Needless to say, if you’re the person who managed to watch Game of Thrones Winterfell and the Avengers Endgame back to back, you can skip the gym for the next day.

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