This Fake Baby Car Seat is Made to Help Governments Spy on You

fake baby car seat
fake baby car seat

fake-baby-car-seatShort Bytes: A recent report from the Privacy International reveals a fake baby car sear that is being used by the Columbian government to spy on people. Okay, stop freaking out and read ahead.

The world of surveillance and security gets weirder with each passing day. Governments and equipment makers are devising new and creative ways to find you and keep an eye on you. Today, I’m going to tell you about a weird and fake baby car seat that is designed to help governments spy on you.

A recent report, dealing with the surveillance equipment being sold to the Columbian government, reveals a flyer showing a fake baby car seat that is made by a British surveillance equipment company LMW Electronics. This report from the Privacy International shows that the spying baby car seat is a government spy that comes with a pan, tilt, and zoom camera.

This reminds me of the innocent baby monitors that are used by parents to keep an eye on their babies and feel more connected to them. This fake baby car seat is a step in another direction that will help your government to spy on its people.

After deploying the spying baby car seat at the desired location, you can retrieve the recordings from a USB drive embedded in the seat.


What do you think of this child-friendly spying method being used by the Columbian government? Tell us in the comments below.

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