OxygenOS Update Released To Fix OnePlus 8 Pro Display Issues Partially

OnePlus 8 pro OxygenOS update

OnePlus recently released its flagship OnePlus 8 Pro with a hefty price tag of $899, and within one week of its availability, users started experiencing display issues.

Today, OnePlus has released an OxygenOS update v10.5.5 to fix the display issues, along with other bug fixes. Earlier, several users took to Reddit and OnePlus community forums, claiming that they are witnessing issues like green-tint and a black crush on their OnePlus 8 Pro.

Although the latest OxygenOS update does not explicitly mention anywhere that it intends to fix the display issues, it is speculated that the update will bring a partial fix.

The update lands as Oxygen OS 10.5.4.IN21DA in India, Oxygen OS 10.5.3.IN21BA in Europe and Oxygen OS 10.5.4.IN21AA in the US.

Here is the changelog for OxygenOS 10.5.5 update:

OnePlus 8 Pro OxygenOS Update 10.5.5 Changelog


  • Optimized the display effects
  • Fixed known issues and improved system stability


  • Improved accuracy of white balance and focus in a dark environment
  • Improved smoothness and stability


  • Enable Greece Vodafone VoWiFi (EU only)
  • Enhanced mobile data and Wi-Fi transmission stability

After updating to the latest OxygenOS update, many OnePlus 8 Pro users have reported a slight fix to the green tint issue.

The company is expected to permanently fix the display issues in OnePlus 8 Pro in the next stable OxygenOS update, which could arrive soon.

Notably, OnePlus buys its display panel from Samsung, and recently Samsung’s S20 Ultra also faced the green-tint issue after a software update.

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