Apple Shipped Almost 1 Million ‘Made In India’ iPhones In Q1 2022

Apple made in india iphone
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Apple Made In India iPhones registered phenomenal growth as compared to the last year. India is producing more iPhones in the country to cater to the domestic demand for iPhones. Apple is slowly increasing its market share in India by locally manufacturing the latest iPhone models.

Made In India iPhone: What do the numbers say?

Apple shipped nearly 1 million ‘Made In India’ iPhones in the country in the first quarter of this year. It is a 50% year-on-year jump in iPhone shipments compared to the previous year. India is focusing heavily on the Make-In-India program due to which more brands are setting up device assembly plants.

Apple is one such brand that invested in an assembly space and slowly expanded its market share. Prabhu Ram, Head-of-Industry Intelligence Group at CMR, told IANS, “Our insights point to the contribution of ‘Make in India’ iPhones in Q1 2022, increasing 50% YoY. The contribution of newer generation iPhones, such as iPhone 13, is almost equal to iPhone 12.

Moreover, the last two generations of iPhones are among the most produced and top-selling items in India. Out of the overall growth, the Apple iPad 9th generation contributed 45% of the total iPad sales in India. Apple iPad registered a staggering 31% growth rate of Apple in India.

iPhone 12 leads the pack in iPhone sales with 50 percent of the total demand. Apple began iPhone production in India with the iPhone SE and then incorporated iPhone 11, 12, and now 13 into the mix. The production plant was set up in 2017, three years after the Make-In-India program was launched.

Made in India iPhone
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Apple’s Growth

Apple’s growth in India hasn’t been a cakewalk. It began with the budget segment here, which didn’t bring as much growth as the flagship models and iPads. The newer iPhones are in huge demand in India as it became an aesthetic appeal product.

iPhone 12 and 13 demand is way more than the company’s anticipations. As per CMR’s projections, Apple will continue to increase its market share in the coming years. But diversifying the iPhone and other products manufacturing will be the key to Apple’s success. Apple recently launched the Self Service Repair store to facilitate users with original parts and repair manuals.

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