Elon Musk Changes Bio To ‘Chief Twit,’ Enters Twitter Office

Elon musk chief twit

Elon Musk knows how to make waves on social media platforms. He may not like the current Twitter owners but uses the platform to tweet constantly. Recently, he changed his Twitter bio to “Chief Twit” ahead of the closing of the Twitter acquisition deal. He also posted a video of him carrying a sink inside Twitter’s headquarters with the caption, “Let that sink in.”

Of all the ways he could make an entrance, Musk decided to carry a literal sink to match the phrase. The video garnered close to 20 million views as of writing this post. However, a few weeks ago, Musk wasn’t interested in the acquisition until the DOJ stepped in and made it happen.

What does Elon Musk’s new Twitter bio mean?

For the last six months, Elon Musk and Twitter have been capturing the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Musk has always been vocal on Twitter about the shortcomings of the company. After buying shares in bulk, he offered Twitter $44 billion to acquire the company and backed out after he felt something wrong with the spam accounts records.

But courts felt that he wronged Twitter and caused ripples in share prices due to his activities. So, Twitter would drop the lawsuit only after the deal closes between the two parties. But Elon Musk’s status shows that he is all in and will occupy the designation after the deal closes. His ideas about Twitter, however, spark a different debate.

Musk Says Still Few Unresolved Matters With Twitter Deal; No Recession In Sight
Image Credit: Reuters

For starters, Musk wants to make Twitter an open platform and let everyone have free speech. He even wants to bring back people like Trump, whose infamous tweets got him booted from the platform. The idea of free speech on social media is revolutionary, but it ends up being used for wrong purposes to incite hatred, spread misinformation, and more.

Musk’s approach will require a heavy content moderation system and end up increasing the burden on the moderators. No one can predict what actual plans Musk has for Twitter, but one thing is absolutely clear – he will turn it into a cash cow for sure.

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