Windows 11 Task Manager Is Getting A Splash Of Colors And New Features

Windows 11 Task Manager Is Getting A Splash Of Colors With News Features
Image: YouTube

Microsoft is planning to spruce up the Windows Task Manager in Windows 11. The images in the Windows Insider Podcast showcase a customizable Task Manager with accent colors. This change may be reflected in the part of the Sun Valley 2 (version 22H2) update which is set to release this fall.

Windows 11 Task Manager Details

The new version of the Windows 11 Task Manager already ditched the tabbed interface. It now sports a new sidebar that offers access to all the options which were once present on the top bar. The new beta release for the Windows Insider programs did ship the new Task Manager but it doesn’t support accent color-switching as of now.

Inside the Task Manager settings, there isn’t an option for accent color customization. But the upcoming fall update may bring those color-altering capabilities for the Task Manager. The current customization areas in Windows 11 don’t include the Task Manager which means that it doesn’t retain the accent color. You do get the option to apply the accent color to Task Bar and Start menu.

Windows 11 Task Manager
Image: YouTube

More Upcoming Updates

The Windows 11 Task Manager accent color update is purely an aesthetic one as showcased in the Windows Insider Podcast. It serves no real purpose except to bring uniformity to the overall system color scheme. But Windows has plans for many other useful updates this fall or later.

One of them is a more detailed battery status and health app that will reduce dependence on third-party apps. Battery optimization of Windows 11 is horrendous and is expected to improve with time. By including a detailed battery health app, laptops users will benefit from the additional information and visualize their battery health.

Make note that these improvements to Task Manager and Battey app may or may not ship with the Windows 11 version 22H2 launch. Microsoft disabled the SMB1 protocol recently. What do you think of Microsoft’s effort in revamping the new OS? Would you like a more colorful Task Manager or have some other suggestions in mind? Post your expectations with the new update in the comments section.

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