Apple iPhone 13 Is Now Made In India

Foxconn and other Apple partners to collaborate.

iPhone 13 manufacturing in India
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Apple has started manufacturing the iPhone 13 in India. Apple has chosen Foxconn’s Chennai facility to start the process. With this, Apple now manufactures 3 iPhones in India. The move will bring down production costs for new iPhones and give Apple more control over the supply chain at the same time.

The company was already manufacturing the iPhone SE and iPhone 12 in India. Reportedly, experts are also saying that locally manufactured iPhones will give Apple more room for aggressive market pricing. The move also shows how Apple sees India as an emerging market and wants to tap into it.

iPhone 13 manufacturing in India

Apple and the rest of the big tech have been paying a lot of attention to India lately. Indians have been spending millions of hours on their smartphones, and that translates to a healthy market for anyone. While the iPhone remains a choice for premium phone users here, Apple hasn’t been able to popularize the iPhone because of its hefty price. Here’s a statement from Apple on iPhone 13 starting manufacture in India:

We are excited to begin making iPhone 13 — with its beautiful design, advanced camera systems for stunning photos and videos, and the incredible performance of the A15 Bionic chip right here in India for our local customers.

Apple statement

Apple stands to benefit from the move as manufacturing iPhone 13 in India saves the slew of import duties the brand would otherwise be paying. It will directly save a 20% import tax because of local manufacturing here. There are also speculations that the company will be moving 20% of its manufacturing from China to India.

An ET report says that Apple stands to touch 7 million shipments in 2022. This could translate into a 5.5% market share for the American giant. However, there are some things that still limit the company from reaching its full potential in India.

For instance, none of the Pro model iPhones are manufactured here. It means the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max would still be imported. Android phones also hold a major chunk of the Indian market. Brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, and OnePlus have their own fan bases here.

That said, an iPhone coming in at a competitive price could disrupt the market. Will you buy the iPhone 13 if it were priced at par with an Android flagship? Do let us know in the comments.

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