Apple’s iPhone Repair Tool kit Rental Is Obnoxiously Expensive

Apple Repair Toolkit Rental
Image: Apple

Apple has made its self-service repair program available to its U.S. customers. Those who want to self-repair their Apple products can buy genuine parts and tools online from Apple now. The store, as of now, has 200 individual parts and tools.

Customers will buy individual faulty parts to repair their devices, but why would they purchase the required tools for a one-time repair? Apple offers rental repair kits for customers who don’t want to buy these.

Apple’s Repair Kit Rental Price

The idea of offering the tool kit for rent seems useful. But the problem is that the repair tool kit rental is obnoxiously expensive. The rent of the tool rental kit is $49 for seven days. This rent is aside from the cost of the repair parts—the rental starts when the tool kit is received and lasts for seven days.

The only good thing is that this price includes shipping. The biggest drawback is Apple will give a separate tool kit for each Apple device. It is mainly because each kit is customized for a single model. This wouldn’t be an issue if Apple offered two separate kits for two different products.

Apple will also put a temporary authorization on the customer’s credit card to cover the value of the tools. If customers rent the kit and don’t return it on time or damage the kit, Apple will recover the value from their credit card. The hold will be released when the customer returns the kit in good condition within seven days.

What are your thoughts about the rent of the tool rental kit? Does it make sense to charge $49 as rent for a tool kit? Let us know in the comments.

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