Google ‘Smart Chips’ Feature Will Let You Add Apps To Google Docs

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Image: Google

Google is keen on making the collaborative aspect of its apps the best in the industry. The company announced a slew of features coming to Meet in the coming months. Google Docs will also receive a few much-needed touchups to make the collaboration much easier. Docs will offer a ‘Smart Chips’ feature which will allow users to add apps like Asana and Tableau to Docs and even make minor modifications while doing so.

How to access Google Smart Chips?

Users need to only type the @ symbol and then add the name of the app they want to add to the Docs. It will be fairly simple to call and access some information from these apps. Google also announced the account handles feature for YouTube creators, which allows them to create a unique name for their channel.

Google Smart Chips
Image: Google

Google partnered with AODocs, Asana, Atlassian, Figma, Tableau, Miro, and Zendesk to offer Smart Chips functionality. These apps have already begun creating smart chips for Docs. The feature will become available in January 2023. All you need to do is hover over the @ symbol to see the contents of a smart chip. It is a great idea to integrate other apps into a document without excessively breaking its structure.

Other features announced by Google

While Google Docs will get the much-needed app integration, Google Meet will also get more powerful. It is trying to make digital meetings feel more engaging by adding participant names to a meeting room. So you can take a quick glance and see everyone who is attending the meeting.

Google Meet will also offer transcription services using which you can revisit the meeting. You will be able to get a document with all the conversations listed from start to finish in text form. Google’s transcription service is accurate to some extent, but we will see how it clearly understands different accents in a meeting.

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