Google Meet Gets AI Cameras, Audience View, And More New Features

It will transcribe every word said in a meeting!


Google Meet is one of the most-used collaborative software in the industry. If you thought Meet was good enough, it isn’t (at least that’s what Google thinks). Google announced numerous features arriving in Google Meet in the coming months and next year, which will transform the way you conduct digital meetings.

Out of the exhaustive list of features, a few pop out. Google meet will include the speaker on the screen when a speaker begins a conversation. Meet will also use AI framing to zoom into people while conducting the meetings. Other noteworthy features include an AI transcribing service, which will produce a written copy of all the conversations that happened in a meeting.

Google Meet is getting more powerful

When you conduct meetings, the complete screen is blank. But Meet will add a spotlight feature that will position the speaker in the slides so the other attendees can get more context. There will also be a meeting room in check feature, which will display all the names of participants who are in a room on the screen. So, a new participant who just joined the meeting can see who is present in the room.

Google Meet
Image: Google

Automatic video framing will center the speaker in the tile so that they remain in the spotlight. Users will also be able to control slides directly within Meet, thus not interrupting while others are presenting. Some of these features are so well thought out that it appears as if Google was taking notes of all the complaints in the past. Google partnered with Logitech and Huddly to accurately frame the person during a meeting.

However, the AI transcription feature will benefit the workforce the most. It is common to forget who said what and miss a cool idea. But with the transcription feature, you can easily check every word said at the meeting.

You can go even further and use text-to-audio software to convert the text back into audio again. However, it will be interesting to see the accuracy of the transcription when people with different accents participate with different levels of audio clarity. Moreover, it will hurt a lot of transcription services if it rolls out free to all Google Meet users. You can check out all the new features that will arrive to Meet here.

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