7 K-Dramas To Add To Watchlist This September

K-Dramas to watch this September
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So far, 2022 has been a fantastic year for K-Contents, with a slew of new K-Dramas, films, variety shows, and other offerings keeping us occupied. September is shaping up to be another fantastic month for Korean dramas, with emerging talents and a slew of idol actors ready to dominate. If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of the must-watch dramas for September 2022, you’ve come to the correct place.

Here are the top 7 K-Dramas you should definitely add to your watchlist this September!

K-Dramas releasing in September 2022

1. Once Upon A Small Town

Once Upon A Small Town is based on Park Ha min’s web novel of the same name. It follows a prickly veterinarian Han Ji-yool (Choo Young-woo), who is fooled by his grandfather into transferring from Seoul to the countryside.

Ji-yool struggles to adjust to life in picturesque Heedong Village after being forced to operate his grandfather’s veterinary practice for half a year. He meets Ahn Ja-young, a local cop played by Red Velvet’s Joy. Ji-yool is drawn to Ja-young because of her kind, dependable personality

Once Upon A Small Town will air on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays on KakaoTV beginning September 5. It will also be available on Netflix in some areas.

2. Narco-Saints

This new Netflix crime-thriller, starring some of South Korea’s biggest actors, follows businessman Kang In-su (Ha Jung-woo). He accidentally stumbles into the heart of a Korean-run drug cartel that rules the South American country of Suriname.

With few other options, he is recruited for a covert operation by Korean National Intelligence Service agent Choi Chang-ho (Squid Game’s Park Hae-soo). He becomes key to a scheme to bring down Jeon Yo-han (Hwang Jung-min), the brains behind the drug network who hides under his cover as a local preacher.

Narco-Saints will be available globally on Netflix on September 9.

3. Mental Coach Jegal

Lee Yoo-mi (Squid Game, All Of Us Are Dead) plays short-track speed skater Cha Ga-eul in this sports drama, which marks her first main role. Ga-eul, despite her potential, is stuck in a rut and begins working with the athletic village’s new “mental coach,” Jegal Gil (A Model Family’s Jung Woo), to overcome her mental obstacles.

Meanwhile, Jegal Gil is dealing with his own past as a national Taekwondo athlete who was banned from the team under mysterious circumstances, possibly due to ex-teammate Ku Tae-man (Kwon Yool), who is now the human rights director of the athlete’s union.

Mental Coach Jegal will premiere every Monday and Tuesday on tvN starting from September 12.

4. Blind

In the mystery-thriller Blind, common people seek justice after becoming victims of powerful criminals. The investigator Ryu Sung-joon is portrayed by Taecyeon (Vincenzo), whose older brother Ryu Sung-hoon (Ha Seok-jin) is a rigid judge. The social worker Jo Eun-ki, played by Jung Eun-ji (Cheer Up!, Reply 1997), prioritizes the well-being of the kids she works with. Blind is directed by Shin Yong-hwi, who previously produced and directed suspense dramas like Tunnel and Voice 4.

Blind will air on Fridays and Saturdays on tvN starting September 16.

5. Love in Contract

Forecasting Love and Weather‘s Park Min-young is making a comeback with yet another romantic comedy. Park will play Choi Sang-eun, a self-described contract marriage master who hires out her services as a wife to Kang Hae-jin and Jung Ji-ho (Seoul Vibe‘s Go Kyung-pyo) (Kim Jae-young).

Sang-eun finds herself in a precarious position as she starts becoming more engaged with both Ji-ho and Hae-jin than she had originally intended. This is because she must simultaneously play the roles of the ideal wife and daughter-in-law for her clients’ social and family gatherings.

Love in Contract will air every Wednesday and Thursday night on tvN starting September 21.

6. Golden Spoon

Golden Spoon stars Sungjae as Lee Seung-chun, a young man born in a poor family. One day, he stumbles across an old street vendor who sells him a golden spoon, promising him prosperity. Seung-dream chun’s is quickly granted when he discovers that he may exchange fortunes with his wealthy best friend, Hwang Tae-yong (Lee Jong-won).

Golden Spoon also stars DIA’s Chae-yeon and ex-MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo as affluent heiresses Na Jo-hee and Oh Yeo-jin, who meet Seung-chun when he begins using the magical spoon.

Golden Spoon will premiere every Friday on MBC starting September 23.

7. May It Please The Court


May It Please The Court is an upcoming law procedural drama on Disney+. Jung Ryeo-won (Wok of Love, Witch’s Court) and Lee Kyu-hyung (Prison Playbook, Seoul Vibe) star as lawyers Noh Chak-hee and Jwa Shi-baek, who are charged with working on a case together. Chak-hee, who is cold and cutthroat, finds it difficult to work with Shi-baek, the easygoing weirdo in their law office.

May It Please The Court follows a pair of lawyers as they take on a fresh case based on real-life crimes and learn to complement each other’s talents while investigating an ongoing serial-killing case. The K-drama is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ in September. But there is no official date as of yet.

Which of the above-mentioned K-Dramas are you the most excited about? Let us know in the comments down below. Moreover, feel free to check our guide on All of Us Are Dead, it has been touted as one of the best Korean shows of 2022.

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