6 Best Netflix Chrome Extension To Make The Most Out Of Netflix In 2020

Netflix chrome extension

Coronavirus pandemic has restricted our outdoor movement and forced us into a lockdown. Thankfully, the internet has got our back and if you are a movie buff, it is the best time to empty your “My List” section on Netflix. The vast and regularly updated library of Netflix has something for everyone. While you’re at Netflix and using it to kill time, why not make most out of it by using Google Chrome extensions.

We have curated a list of best Netflix Chrome extensions that can uplift your Netflix watching experience. Using these Chrome extensions, you can watch Netflix together, add IMDB ratings in Netflix interface, and more.

6 Best Netflix Chrome Extensions In 2020

Netflix Chrome Extension Why choose it?
Netflix Party Watch Netflix together
FindFlix Choose from hidden Netflix categories
Super Netflix Netflix Chrome extension for customizability
IMDB Ratings For Netflix Get IMDB Ratings In Netflix
NetFlip Rotate Netflix horizontally
Netflix Profanity Filter Best Netflix Chrome extension for kids

1. Netflix Party – Watch Netflix together

Netflix Party Chrome ExtensionNetflix Party, one of the most popular Netflix Chrome extensions available on the internet, is a boon for the quarantine period. With this extension, you can watch Netflix together even if you are not physically together. The Netflix Party extension synchronizes video playback and also adds an option for group chat so that you can discuss anything with your friends while watching Netflix together virtually. With Netflix Party extension, long-distance relationship dates are easy peasy lemon squeezy.

3. FindFlix – Choose from hidden Netflix categories

findflix Netflix chrome extension

Netflix is a treasure chest of movies and tv shows and for finding a diamond in it, you don’t have to soil your clothes, thanks to FindFlix Chrome extension for Netflix. This Netflix Chrome extension helps you in narrowing down the movie/TV series searches on the platform. The extension allows you to search through secret Netflix categories if you’re in a mood to watch anything specific.

3. Super Netflix – Netflix Chrome extension for customizability

Super Netflix chrome extensionNetflix indeed offers a vast collection of movies and tv shows but, let’s be honest, the lack of customization options is annoying. Wouldn’t you like to have options like Change video quality, Control video speed, Upload custom subtitles, and much more in Netflix? Now, you can have all these options with the Super Netflix Chrome extension. The extension comes loaded with features to make your Netflix watching experience better.

4. IMDB Ratings For Netflix – Get IMDB Ratings In Netflix

Netflix IMDB Chrome extensionIf you’re someone who selects movies/TV shows to watch based upon its IMDB ratings, then this Netflix Chrome extension is going to make your life much easier. IMDB Rating for Netflix shows IMDB Ratings of movies/TV shows directly on Netflix so that you don’t have to search for it on a separate tab. The Chrome extension also shows Rotten Tomatoes and Meta Critic ratings in addition to IMDB ratings. Simply install this Netflix Chrome extension to get ratings displayed beside the title.

5. Netflip – Rotate Netflix horizontally

Netflip Chome extension for NetflixMany people prefer watching Netflix while lying down. So why not rotate Netflix horizontally for a comfortable watching experience? Netflix Chrome extension for Netflix allows you to rotate Chrome browser 90 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise to watch Netflix comfortably while lying down.

6. Netflix Profanity Filter – Best Netflix Chrome extension for kids

Netflix Profanity filter chrome extensionIf you are planning a Netflix movie night with your family but don’t want your kids to get exposed to profanity, here is a Netflix Chrome extension at your rescue. Netflix Profanity Filter extension works exactly as it sounds. It censors subtitles and mutes the audio during profanity words in the movie/TV show you are watching.

To use this Chrome extension, you need to turn on subtitles in Netflix and add common profanity words you don’t want to hear to the list in the language of subtitles.

Binge-Watch With Best Netflix Chrome Extensions

Above listed Chrome extensions for Netflix could supplement your entertainment dosage if you are watching Netflix on PC in this pandemic period. The list is not exhaustive as there are several extensions in the Google Chrome Extension web store that allow you to skip recaps, remove previews, give you an option to add subtitles, watch Netflix together, and more. In case you know of some cool Netflix Chrome extension that I may have missed on this list, do let me know!

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