This Website Auto Sends GOT And Other Spoilers To Your Enemies, Ruins Their Life

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If you are one of those who ruin other people’s TV shows by telling them spoilers, then you should stop doing that. Otherwise, someone else might end up doing what Enrique Benitez did.

Benitez has created a website named Spoil Your Enemies and it does what is says; it destroys the life of your enemies and even friends by sending them TV show spoilers.

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What’s more is the information is sent via SMS, so, if the other person is isolated from the internet to protect himself, he/she still not safe. Also, the sender being anonymous makes the target totally unsuspecting of what’s coming.

It appears our post about blocking movie and TV show spoilers won’t work in this case because the website uses the vintage Short Message Service to deliver the spoilers.

On the about page, he says that his motivation behind creating such thing is his friends who constantly told him spoilers about his favorite TV shows. “They drove me nuts,” he adds.

It took around two weeks for Benitez to build the SMS-based service. He said that he’s quite impressed by the success of the project. “Some people loved it others hated it, mainly because it’s all about spoilers, and I’ve heard the word “evil” a lot”, Benitez told Fossbytes in an email.

You can send TV show spoilers via to up to six enemy phone numbers; it doesn’t matter if they live in other countries. But the service, however, charges $2 to send the SMS. The service sends pre-written spoilers via SMS but people can ask Benitez to send custom messages using the chat available on the website, he said.

You also get confirmation alerts if the text gets delivered successfully. The number of TV shows on the website is limited but it does include some popular ones.

People would have loved if the service was free but the developer won’t be paying the SMS charges from his own pocket, would he? And I don’t think $2 is a big deal if you’re planning to take some serious revenge on those traitors who watched some other finale before you.

What’s ahead?

Talking about the future plans, Benitez said that he is working to add more TV shows and more “evil” spoilers, with a special preference to Game Of Thrones as it’s quite loved by the people. Some users have also requested movies, so the spoilers for the popular ones are also on the way.

“Another super requested feature is to allow users to see the response of their “enemies”, he said. “I’m implementing this at the moment and should be out in a few days”.

Spoil Your Enemies doesn’t seem like a weekend project which vanishes in a blink of an eye. Benitez has long term goals. These include making the service multilingual to extend its user base and adding the functionality to select multiple TV shows at once and select who should receive what.

Check out Spoil Your Enemies.

Update: This story was edited on July 9, 2017, to add more information.

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