5 Coolest Off-Road Buses Built For Adventure

off-road buses
Image: sleipnirtours.is

For most people, mini trucks, quad bikes, and dirt bikes are synonymous with adventure and thrill. Contrarily, buses may evoke indifference and passiveness from the same group. But, the balance drastically shifts to the other side when we bring off-road buses into the discussion.

If you didn’t know something like an off-road bus existed, we don’t blame you. These all-terrain beasts are not as widespread and popular as their four-wheeled counterparts. However, when it comes to sturdiness and versatility, these buses stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other all-terrain vehicles.

Check out this video of the most awesome off-road buses in the world. We’ve cherry-picked five of the coolest ones and talked about them in this article.

Off-road buses that travel on mud, sand, and snow

1. Sleipnir Monster Truck

Image: sleipnirtours.is

A mighty off-roader that can pave its path through thick ice, Sleipnir Monster Truck is a beast in the truest sense of the word. A namesake tour agency uses this ride for taking passengers around the frozen highlands of Iceland. Moreover, this 8×8 off-road bus can traverse glaciers conveniently, thanks to its 65-inch and 78-inch giant tires. Coming to the interior, there are comfy leather seats, a high-end air conditioning system, skyline windows, and built-in toilets.

2. Terra Bus

terra bus
Image: foremost.ca

Terra Bus is an off-road vehicle spacious enough to carry 56 passengers. It is a favorite of the tourism industry and can be modified to feature bigger windows for a better outside view. Customization being one of its strong suits, you can also equip the bus with a wheelchair lift. From snowy surfaces to mud, the Terra Bus has been tested to run anywhere.

3. Monster Bus

monster bus qatar
Image: dohabus.com

Monster Bus is an off-roader with a proven track record in navigating through sand. The Doha Bus agency uses it to conduct a desert tour in the Qatari capital. Its a roomy bus whose capacity goes up to 32 passengers. To beat the Arabian heat, the vehicle relies on tinted windows and a much-needed air conditioning system.

4. Tatra

atacama hat bus
Image: raitrips.com

The Tatra is a rugged off-road bus that carries passengers around rocky and uneven dirt surfaces. It is popularly used by tour agencies for the Atacama HAT (High-altitude Tours) in Chile. During the HAT journey, this 8×8 vehicle runs across difficult terrain around the Sairecabur Volcano near the Chile-Bolivia border. Since HAT involves going 18,700ft above sea level, the Tartra comes equipped with a single-valve oxygen system to reduce the effect of altitude sickness.

5. Torsus Praetorian

torsus praetorian bus
Image: torsus.eu

Although Torsus Praetorian’s look tilts more towards conventional than unique, it is still an effective off-roader on par with the others. It features a 290HP powerful engine and all-terrain tires to persevere during the most challenging road trips. Also, the off-road bus can seat up to 35 people and comes with built-in air conditioning. Various industries, including tourism and medical, have adopted this off-roader for different purposes.

These stellar off-road vehicles have a Russian cousin we’d like you to meet. It is called a Shatun ATV.

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