There’s A “Fake” iPhone 11 Pro Max For $135, Can You Find The Difference?

Fake iPhone 11 Pro Max

This is a universal fact — Apple iPhones are bound to be expensive and no other object you buy for the price can really replace an iPhone. However, there have been times when fake iPhones have made their entry to satisfy your soul and there is a “fake” iPhone 11 Pro Max as well. But, can you find the difference? A new video details the same.

Fake iPhone 11 Pro Max For $135!

According to a video by the YouTube channel TechSmartt, a fake iPhone 11 Pro Max exists and it comes for as low as $135, which is close to 10 times lower than the original one.

The video compared two iPhone 11 Pro Max models — one in Midnight Green (marked with a circle) and the other in the Space Gray color variant (marked with a triangle).

Both smartphones looked extremely identical in the video and it is hard to make out the difference. However, there is one and the Space Gray one is the fake iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Following the revelation, the video shows the unboxing of both iPhones and tells you how we can differentiate between the real and the fake iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The real iPhone 11 Pro Max box had both the mandatory Apple stickers and the USB lightning connector cable, which the fake one lacked. That’s a way to distinguish between the two.

Fake iPhone 11 Pro Max Working

The video also shows whether or not the cloned iPhone switched on, and it didn’t. The device doesn’t seem to support wireless charging as it didn’t charge while it was on a wireless charger.

The smartphone’s physical buttons weren’t that fast. As for the UI, the fake phone had a laggy one, and the video and camera quality was certainly poorer than the original phone.

The App Stores on both devices were different and the fake iPhone 11 Pro had Japanese versions of the Line app.

Here’s a look at the video to learn more:

Fake iPhone 11 Pro Max Specs

If you wish to settle for the fake iPhone 11 Pro Max and compromise to save money, you must know it is known as the Goophone 11 Pro Max.

The dual-SIM device comes with Face ID and wireless charging, much like the original iPhone 11 Pro Max. However, the former has two 5MP front cameras and a single 13MP rear camera. The other two rear cameras are just for show and they don’t work.

Other specs include a 6.5-inch display, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, a 2,600mAh battery, a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, and Android 7.0 OS.

Of course, the fake iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with really lowered-down specs and I can’t find a reason to buy it.

But if you still wanna go for it, you can buy it from Amazon or eBay.

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