Meet Shatun ATV, A Powerful Off-Roader That Can Tread On Anything

This beast can travel on land as well as in water.

shatun atv
Image: Review Machines Worldwide YouTube channel

There are standard vehicles that are meant to run on roads, and then, there are all-terrain vehicles that are meant to run almost anywhere. Shatun ATV is a powerful and versatile off-road vehicle that can tread on the most challenging terrain.

Whether it be mushy wetlands or icy tundra, this Russian-made ATV excels in a variety of adverse driving conditions. It goes without saying that it is a boon for those who commute through dirt roads and isolated routes frequently.

Moving on four giant wheels, the Shatun ATV rightly seems like a mechanical beast to many onlookers. Interestingly, the word “Shatun” itself refers to a rogue bear that becomes active in winter when other bears go into hibernation. Here’s a video that exhibits the sheer power and effectiveness of this off-road hulk.

Shatun ATV features

The Shatun ATV is the engineering marvel of a Russian firm called Russian ATV&SUV. This 4×4 6-seater vehicle has a compact cabin and four low-pressure tires, each having a volume of 1,200l. While the official website claims the cabin is comfy as a bed and water-resistant, the tires are the most crucial as the air filled inside them allows the vehicle to move in the water.

Moreover, this off-road vehicle’s tires also play a huge role in helping it maneuver in snow, mud, loose sand, etc. Shatun ATV also comes with a tire pressure monitoring system which ensures the four-wheeler cruises smoothly in spite of any obstacles on its path.

shatun atv on water
Shatuv ATV moving through ice and water. (Image: Review Machines Worldwide YouTube channel)

Talking about its capabilities, the Russian ATV can travel at speeds of 45kmph (27.9mph) on land. In water, this vehicle can go as fast as 7kmph (4.3mph), giving it a level of versatility that not every ATV offers. In addition to that, it can carry a payload of 1000kgs on both land and water.

Besides being incredibly powerful, the Shatun ATV is an efficient ride as well. This is due to the Japan-made Kubota engine that consumes only 2-3l per hour, which is economical in this category.

Moreover, this beast’s impressive engineering allows it to climb steep hills and take sharp turns with relative ease. Considering everything, there’s little doubt about its place among the most advanced ATVs in the world.

Apart from the Shatun ATV, there are several other beastly four-wheelers that are specifically used for riot control.

Priye Rai

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