“JerryRigEverything” Drives Tesla Model Y On Snow, Was He Impressed?

Tesla Model Y Jerryrigeverything

Zack Nelson from the YouTube channel “JerryRigEverything” drove the brand new Tesla Model Y at the company’s testing facility in Alaska.

He tested the Model Y in heavy snow to demonstrate the cool features and quirks of both electric cars that make them especially great to drive in cold regions.

In addition to being a smartphone enthusiast, Zack also loves cars and SUVs. He owns two Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks and has traveled hundreds and thousands of miles in one of them.

Naturally, when he was invited to the Tesla winter testing facility, he was excited. But was he impressed with the Tesla Model Y? Watch the video to find out.

“JerryRigEverything” Rides Through Snow In A Tesla Model Y

As you can see in the video, Zack had a blast while driving the Tesla Model Y. He was particularly impressed by the electric car’s ability to handle slippery surfaces and snow. The temperature at the testing facility was -21° F.

Zack demonstrated how the Tesla Model Y distributes power between different wheels. In case, if one of the tires is on a slippery surface, it is able to transfer power on to the other wheels in order to maintain traction.

Later on, Zack praised the All Wheel Drive (AWD) system of the Tesla Model Y which is the courtesy of its dual-motor setup. If the car was only a Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), its back end would slide upon acceleration while driving on surfaces with less grip like the snow.

This would put the Model Y in a drifting stance, which is not ideal if you want to drive on a straight path. Zack also showed us how a Front Wheel Drive (FWD) system would prevent the car from turning into a corner while driving on snow.

However, if both electric motors are running, the Model Y stays stable and runs in a straight line. This is how the dual-motor AWD system of the Tesla Model Y makes it easy to drive on slippery surfaces, explained Zack.

Other winter-specific features of the Tesla Model Y include a freeze-resistant door handle and a heated charging port. Both the Model Y and the Model 3 share 75% of parts, yet the former is superior due to these features. Both of these features in the Model Y prevent charging ports and door handles from getting frozen during winter.

Despite the ultra-low temperature of -21° F, the Tesla Model Y was able to keep its batteries warm enough for any type of use. Zack reported no issues with power delivery while driving.

Was He Impressed Though?

Zack is a fairly technical person who recommends things based on their build quality and functional abilities instead of just their aesthetics.

Was he blown away by the Tesla Model Y? Absolutely yes. Zack also explained several points related to the Model Y in the video that is noteworthy.

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